Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Trade Rumors Swirling Around and my trade senerios.

This according to MLBTRADERUMORS-

Cubs Deals Proposed At BP
I know MLBTR can be a little Cub-centric at times, but hey, whatcha gonna do.
Nate Silver at Baseball Prospectus has an interesting
Unfiltered post up today, outlining all sorts reasonable of trade scenarios the Cubs could pursue to clear up their outfield logjam.
Possible bounties for Jacque Jones, in Silver's opinion: Mike MacDougal, Jon Lieber, or Erick Aybar. I think any of those trades would improve the Cubs this year. In particular, Lieber makes a fine fit. He once won 20 games for the Cubs, but would only need a 4.50ish ERA to be one of the game's best fifth starters. I like the idea of
giving Angel Guzman a shot at the job, but you can never have too much starting pitching depth.
Jones is owed $9MM for 2007-08, and could play center field in a pinch. I wonder if the Marlins would add him to their top-ranked offense? They could send Jorge Julio to balance salaries and a good prospect to make it worth the Cubs' while. For some reason, Julio in a Cubs uniform seems all too fitting.

I like the idea of Jon Lieber and they make a good point on how he would fit good in the 5th spot. Miller is there currently but Liber might be a little better. Erick Aybar is also a good pick up but why do we need another MI? He isn't much of an up grade to Cedeno. Mike Macdougal is decent but I wouldn't trade Jones for him.

Here is the link to the stats of Lieber, Aybar, and MacDougal.

As far as Julio, that makes good sense but I don't think the Marlins would take on his contract.

As far as my opinion, why not look at upgrading SS. Izzy is doing OK but I would want more offense out of that position. We all know the Reneteria rumors that went around earlier this year and he would be a perfect fit but the Braves wont deal him. But how about the faltering Nationals?? They have a shortage of outfield help with Logan and Escobar on the DL. Not to mention they have Christian Guzman on the DL and there short in the MI area which the cubs have a surplus of. Why don't the Cubs make a trade with them? Pie to me looks ready, I know how it has only been one game but he made a statement and I think the rest of this week Pie will give the cubs a tough decision on what to do with him.

So here is what I suggest-

Cubs get Felipe Lopez

Nats get Ohman, Izturis, and Jones

Cubs would get a good defensive and offensive SS. He can steal very well, he had 44 SB last year, very high OBP not below .352 in past 3 seasons, high average near .280 last couple of seasons, good power and former allstar. He has also hit well at Wrigley from what I can remember. They would bring Guzman back up along with Cherry to take the place in the pen or add another MI from Iowa.

The Nats would finally get much need offense and outfield help with Jones. They get a gold glove SS that would move to 2b when Guzman gets back. And they get a decent lefty since King is also on the DL. I think its a great deal for both clubs.

It just makes to much sense to me but maybe I'm the only one.

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