Monday, April 16, 2007

Take the good with the bad.

Yes the Chicago Cubs are 4-7 and last in the division, yes Aram is bothered by a sore wrist, yes Z is not showing the dominate pitcher he is, yes Soriano, Barrett, and Jones are not batting over .250 but lets look at the things the Cubbies are doing well.

1. Hill is proven to be a huge bright spot in the rotation. He is 2-0 with a 0.64 era. He has had really nasty stuff and has had a awesome presence on the mound.

2. Dlee is back! .372 BA, .449 OBP, 5 doubles, and with 16 hits in 11 games!

3. Lilly pitching very well. His record is 1-1 but he has had two great outings with his era only being 2.37.

4. Look on the bright side, the cubs are only 2.5 games out of first and there doing it without Soriano's bat, a shut down bullpen( up until recently), there ace being off on his game, and also with Barrett, Jones, and Murton starting slow and Aram missing some games. You take that all in consideration 4-7 isn't that bad.

For once cubs fans keep you head up and look at the glass half full.

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