Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Theriot makes team, who is left out??? Lilly named April 4th starter.

Piniella announced Tuesday that Ted Lilly will start the second game of the season April 4th against Cincinatti and said "Ryan Theriot will be our primary extra infielder."This leaves one positional spot left on the team, the Tribune suspects Angel Pagan to have the inside track.

If Pagan gets that job then where does that leave the rest of the team? who will be on the 25 man roster on opening day? Since the cubs are planning to carry 5 starters and 7 relievers(12 pitchers) that leaves 13 position players to fill the rest of the roster. So lets check this out-

1. Soriano CF
2. Murton LF
3. Lee 1st
4. Aram 3b
5. Jones RF
6. Barrett C
7. Derosa 2b
8. Izzy SS

9. Floyd OF
10. Theriot UTL
11. Ward 1b/OF
12. Blanco C
13. Pagan OF

14. Zambrano
15. Lilly
16. Marquis
17. Hill
18. Prior or Miller or Cotts

19. Dempster
20. Eyre
21. Howry
22. Weurtz
23. Wood
24. Ohman
25. This spot is up for grabs. You have a 2 spots and 3 players fighting for it. One man will be sent to AAA, traded or put on the DL. The only way that all of them make it is if Ohman or Weurtz are sent down or traded. The odd man out in my opinion is Miller. He has done OK in spring, his velocity is down and unlike Prior is only owed 1.5 million this year. You could say the same about Mark but he is making more money and I think he will prove himself in ST and actually take the #3 spot in the rotation and Marquis take the 5th spot. By doing this Cotts goes to the pen and is the long reliever and spot starter on the team. Miller I feel will be traded or let go. I would hate to let him go but for once we have a problem with to many pitchers that could be in the rotation. Its only 6 games into ST so alot of things could still happen from now til then. At least we have the problem with to many pitcher, unlike last year when we didn't have enough!

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