Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Cotts could be 5th starter, Z talks resume, etc,CST-SPT-cubnt07.article

Thanks to the suntimes for this info-

The cubs have 3 serious contenders for the 5th spot in the rotation. Cotts, Prior, and Miller who will pitch on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as the competition will start to heat up. There is no definite 5th starter Lou said, he likes how Neal has pitched, and could see 3 leftys in the rotation if it should come down to that.

My bet is on Prior tho. It was his first start in Spring in forever and I think he will look alot better in his next outing. He is my 3rd starter and Marquis moves to the 5th spot.

Another note is that talks have resumed between the Cubs and Carlos on an extension. This coming days after he guaranteed a the cubs winning the WS and him winning the Cy Young award. It is likely to be a 5 year deal with the price being around 16-19 mill a season.

Theriot will likely see more time at short, 3b, and outfield because he will more than likely have the utility roll this year, which is a great move on Lou's part!

Cliff Floyd is expected to see his first action on Saturday. Floyd, who is coming off a foot injury, wants to start on Friday but said Saturday will work.

Wood will pitch in relief in another game on Thursday.

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