Thursday, March 08, 2007

Miller article, doesnt make 5th spot, he is out?

Check the article out-,1,2743476.story?coll=cs-cubs-headlines

this quote tells me he might be traded before the end of Spring if Cotts or Prior get the job.

"My fastball is coming around," Miller said. "I threw a bullpen [session] a couple of days ago, and I feel great right now."If Miller doesn't earn the fifth spot, he said, "I'll have to explore my options." Going to the bullpen isn't among them, and Hendry likely would accommodate Miller if he asks for a trade."Until that time comes, I'm a Cub," Miller said.

I think Prior will get one of the spots in the rotation and Cotts will be the long reliever in the pen. This leaving Miller either released or traded before the end of ST. Lou said he may carry 11 pitchers instead of 12 which cuts down a reliever and puts more pressure on the pitchers trying to make the ball club. It also opens up a position for a position player like Perez, Cedeno, Moore, or Kincade. If he is carrying just 11 pitchers then you have Wood, Cotts, Dempster, Eyre, Ohman, and Howry in the pen and your starting 5 being Z, Lilly, Marquis, Hill, and Prior or Miller. Miller is the odd man out, Prior who has tremendous upside and I think will just get better as ST goes on. Miller who is a #3 starter if he is healthy has a great upside also but his velocity is down like Prior but unlike Prior, I personally think it wont come back. There is still alot of Spring Training left so we will have to see how things develop!


Anonymous said...

Trade Prior. Keep Miller. Tired of "upside" talk with Prior. I'd rather have a guy that WANTS a starting job because he's hungry for it again. Prior is fragile and his fastball is NEVER coming back the way it was. He's weak mentally AND physically. Lou wants warriors. Miller fits the bill much better than Prior in this category. I like Miller wanting out if he can't get a starting spot. He obviously thinks he's worthy. Good enough for me.

cubsfan82 said...

You make very solid points but I feel Prior will be the Prior of 03. I could end up eatin crow but I think he will be very dominate this year and win 12-13 games or more! He has great stuff and if healthy could be #2 starter on the cubs and even a #1 starter on many other teams. I wouldnt trade Prior but thats just my opinion!