Thursday, December 06, 2012

Cubs Re-Sign Stewart and More...

  • The Chicago Cubs have re-signed Ian Stewart on a non-guaranteed one year deal worth $2M including incentives.  The Cubs could terminate his contract during Spring Training without take a financial hit.
  • Ian Stewart is the starting 3rd baseman but the Cubs would like to bring in a right-handed bench guy who can back him up says Gordon Wittenmyer.
  • Another move will have to be made once the other recent signings and acquisitions are final because the roster is now at 41.
  • Some right-handed bench players that can back up 3rd and fit with the Cubs are Hiroyuki Nakajima, Placido Polanco, Casey McGehee, Ty Wigginton, Yuniesky Betancourt, Ryan Raburn, Freddy Sanchez, Alex Gonzalez, Chone Figgins, Brandon Inge, and Jose Lopez.
  • Out of the group above I really lke Polanco, Wigginton, Sanchez, and Inge.
  • The Cubs will have a press conference for Kyuji Fujikawa tomarrow.
  • The Cubs are waiting out the outfield free agent class to see who is the last guy standing looking for a short-term deal and it is very smart. Especially with Bourn, Hamilton, Ross, and Swisher still available and only a handful a teams left.  Not to mention trade candidates like Upton and Soriano out there as well.  Cubs are poised to get a deal on the last man standing.
  • The Phillies are still very much interested in Soriano even after the trade for Revere.

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