Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Len's Partner, Free Agency, and Trade Talk...

Ø The finalist for the Cubs color job are Dan Plesac, Eric Karros, Rick Sutcliffe, Todd Hollandsworth, and Gary Matthews. Immediately I notice no Steve Stone, John Kruk, or Doug Glanville which is unfortunate because I believe all three would have been solid guys in the booth with Len. The person I would pick is Rick Sutcliffe.
Ø The Cubs have strong interest in Korean lefty Hyn-jin Ryu and have even paid for data on him from the Korean baseball organization. Ryu is 25 and has been extremely effective in Korea with a fastball in the low 90s. He will be part of the posting process and it is unclear what price he will cost.
Ø The Cubs are not afraid to spend money but doing so effectively. Buying on low number of year contracts in which they can possibly flip at the deadline, buying and trading for young players that are or before arbitration eligible, and various things like that. In other words no Grienke or Hamilton but the Cubs will be active in the Marcum/Hunter/Larine etc… class.
Ø The Cubs could lose and gain prospect in the Rule 5 draft looking for diamonds in the rough once again.
Ø The Cubs and Red Sox have talked about a Alfredo Aceves trade which is interesting since they may be looking at him as a starter.
Ø Jon Heyman projects possible contracts for some free agent players and Bleacher Nation runs them down here. The players and their contracts Brett listed don’t seem to be deals the Cubs would hand out besides maybe McCarthy, Marcum, and Baker. Brett and I disagree on Sanchez because I do not think the Cubs should commit what they have projected for him in pay. Too expensive and too many years in my opinion at age 29.
Ø A source told me the Cubs and Indians have had the most dialogue regarding trades. The Cubs have interest in several of their players including Lonnie Chisenhall, Justin Masterson, Shin-Soo Choo, Michael Brantley, Zach McAllister, and David Huff. If the Cubs can get Chisenhall, McAllister, and Brantley I would be pretty stoked given their age and upside. Of course the Cubs would have to give up some valuable pieces of their own including a Brett Jackson, Josh Vitters, and other young talent like that. No word on who the Indians have interest in.
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