Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Some Small Cub Notes...

- The Cubs and Red Sox completed the Marlon Byrd trade by acquiring Hunter Cervenka. Hunter is a 22 year old left-handed pitcher who can strike out guys but also gives up a ton of runs. This year he is sporting an 8.04 ERA with 13.8 K/9 and a 6.9 BB/9 in 15 innings.
- Rosenthal says the Cubs are more likely to trade Dempster if the extend Matt Garza. But of course Dempster has the right to veto any trade but he is still unlikely to stay in Chicago at a discount.
- Rosenthal also says the Cubs have no immediate plans to call up Rizzo who figures to stay in Iowa until a spot opens.
- Ken also stats releasing Soriano does not appear to be an option. I think right now it does but by July? That is a different story.
- Marmol is not expected to be off the DL in the minimum 15 days. He will rest for several days and start building up the hamstring again then move to rehab.
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