Sunday, April 15, 2012

Rumors Already Starting...

-  The Red Sox have contacted the Cubs about Marlon Byrd since it looks like Ellsbury is out until at least the All-Star break.  The Red Sox have been linked to Byrd since last season but that was before he took one off his face at Fenway.  The Red Sox have said they are "OK" with the players in house but we all know they are posturing.

-  Many people ask me (via twitter) why the Red Sox would not like to pick up Soriano to help with the offense in Boston.  Two big things are defense and money.  The Red Sox want a strong defender in the outfield and the Cubs would have to be willing to eat over 90% of Soriano contract without getting a good player in return (they will not do that).

-  Sveum made a call yesterday I agree with but of course he is getting pummeled for.  With runners in score position lat in the game and a lefty called to the mound Dale Sveum decided not to bring in Jeff Baker but let Ian Stewart bat.  Now keep in mind I have been very critical of Dale but this was the right call.  Baker has been great against lefties but I can argue that Stewart actually has been hitting the ball much better and you have to ride the hot bat (don't say anything to Mather).  This was a good call even though it did not work out.

-  So how long until the Carlos Marmol to Giants rumors start?  Well right now!  According to sources the Giants are discussing internally trade options to replace Brian Wilson who is done for the season with injury.  One of the many names that has been discussed is Carlos Marmol.

-  With Soto struggling expect to see Clevenger get more starts and at bats.

-  Put this in the interesting column.  A reader of mine (usually does not have many tips or rumors) says that he is hearing May 21st is the target day to call up Anthony Rizzo, Brett Jackson, and maybe even Josh Vitters.  He also says the Cubs will look to trade two outfielder between now and then as a corresponding move.  The idea is to put Jackson and LaHair in the outfield and Anthony Rizzo at first.  If Vitters is called up he lays out two scenarios both of which have Barney going to a bench role.  One has Vitters manning 3rd base with Stewart taking over 2nd and the other is having Vitters take over 2nd (which is hard to believe since he has not spent any time there).  I think if they called up Vitters they would put him in the outfield but that is just my opinion.  If he is correct you could see this lineup after May 21st. One that looks really good on paper!

1. Brett Jackson CF
2. Starlin Castro SS
3. Anthony Rizzo 1st
4. Bryan LaHair LF
5. Josh Vitters 3rd
6. Ian Stewart 2b
7. Steve Clevenger/Wellington Castillo/Geovany Soto C
8. David DeJesus RF
9. Pitcher

- Cubs Den says the Cubs and Red Sox could match up on a trade that would send recently DFA Michael Bowden to the Cubs for Byrd.  I really like that trade for many reasons including getting another more deserving OF called up, Byrd going to a team that actually wants him, clears the way to call up Jackson if they want, and get a reliever that Jed and Theo know.

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