Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cubs Rumors Are Moving On Up....

  • The Cubs could place a claim on another reliever giving their troubles in the pen. Rich Thompson was just designated for assignment. The 27 year old has pretty good stats if you don’t include this year. You can find them here.

  • Trade talk around Marlon Byrd has increased dramatically over the past few days with the Nationals and Red Sox the primary destinations. The main reason the Sox and Nats like him because he is a buy low guy. The Cubs started the season hoping Byrd would fetch a B level prospect at the deadline or sooner plus pay his entire salary but now his value has dumped down to the PTBNL category.

  • One baseball official told me that the Cubs are planning on claiming Michael Bowden regardless of Boston/Byrd trade talks.

  • There have been internal discussions among the Cubs front office about dealing Byrd now and calling up (not Jackson) but Campana or Sappelt because the way they have played at Iowa. They just don’t want to start BJax ML clock.

  • Bleacher Nation obsesses on the Wrigley Field Renovation Watch found here.

  • Cubs Den has the Cubs April draft preview.

  • Are the Cubs playing the veterans to increase their numbers to make the more valuable at the trade deadline? One of my Cub sources says you better believe it!

  • - Bleacher Nation says Z has no hard feelings towards the Cubs.
    - Also more Wrigley Field renovation talk from BleacherNation.
    - Cubs Den is looking at fixing the bullpenthrough trade or internal options.
    - ESPN Chicago says Clevenger is playing like he wants to see the field more.
    - According to sources the Cubs could start playing the long-term deal game that other teams have done with their impact players. Two names the Cubs maybe looking to lock up soon into long term deals are Starlin Castro and Matt Garza.
    - The Cubs are enjoying being free from Carlos Zambrano according to the SunTimes.
    - The Chicago Cubs may put a claim on switch-hitting former top prospect Josh Bell. He was designated for assignment yesterday by the O’s
    - Bleacher Report has the top 30 worst clubhouse cancers in baseball. 5 former Cubs made the list of 31!
    Here is the latest from Levine
    - Levine keeps to his Hendry ties and says keep Soto in the game because he has experience and it is too soon into the season. Come on man! Clevenger has the hot bat, you play him.
    - Levine says BJax will not be called up until mid-July. I think late May.
    - Levine still feels Soto and Marmol have value. WHAT?
    - Levine says he has not seen an Iowa Cubs team since late 1980’s when they had Grace, Palmeiro, Girardi, and Berryhill. I agree!
    - Levine says besides Barney and Castro it is hard to envision any of the current 2012 25-man roster being in Chicago in 2014. He forgot Dolis and Clevenger as well.
    - Bruce says don’t trade Vitters and 6 months ago I would disagree but now I say keep him.
    - He says Garza is looking for at least 5 years 65-75 million. I can see that but I think Garza and the Cubs should agree on a 4 year deal worth 55 million with a $15M club option for the 5th year.
    - Bruce can see 25-30 SB out of Castro this season.
    - Bruce says he can see the 2016 All-Star game coming to Chicago.
    - Levine thinks Marmol will continue to be a dominate closer if he is handled properly. This coming from the guy that said if we traded Marmol we would lose 100 games. I think we may lose 100 games with him.
    - Bruce says once Casto’s off the field problems are resolved they will begin talking a long term contract with him.
    - Bruce thinks LaHair will not move positions for Rizzo but he will be traded. I disagree, I think he will find a spot in the OF short-term unless they are blown away in a trade.
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