Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Who Talking, Who is Walking, and Who is Doing Both...

- Theo Epstein held a round-table event Monday and gives some good quotes on baseball and looking forward in Chicago.
- Matt Garza’s arbitration hearing is set for Friday which is really soon for a reason. The Cubs want to get the amount settled fast so they have the option to deal him because no team right now is interested in acquiring Garza. The reason is simple; they do not know the amount he will make next season. The Cubs submitted the bid of $7.95M while Garza asked for a whopping $12.5M. In a way you kind of hope they go to the hearing because I see it no way possible that Garza will be awarded a 7 million dollar bonus from last year to this year.
- The Tribune is reporting that the Ricketts family and key staff members are expected to travel to their new site in the Dominican Republic. Brett at Bleacher Nation has a great take on Ricketts trip to the Dominican and other possible reasons he is making the trip down there.
- Jim Hendry has falling pretty far by becoming a special assistant to Brian Cashman and the NY Yankees. The Yankees fit Hendry’s mold of signing players to big contracts with NTC on the later part of their career. BUUURRRNNNN!
- Levine spewed some knowledge over the past couple of days and had some interesting tidbits-
------- The Cubs are in need of middle infield help and are looking for a utility infielder. There are currently 4 non-roster invitees that could fit that mold with Alfredo Amezaga, Edgar Gonzalez, Bobby Scales, and Matt Tolbert.
------- Levine also says the Cubs are in search of a back-up catcher but again they have Welington Castillo or Steve Clevenger as a backup for Soto plus non-roster invite Jason Jaramillo could fit the bill.
------- Bruce does not see Soriano as a part-time player. He will either be playing LF for the Cubs or being a DH for an American League team or being outright released.
------- Levine does not see the Red Sox getting a significant player in return for Theo Epstein.
------- The Cubs are concentrating solely on Cespedes and Soler and Levine things Soler fits the Cubs better and I agree. Although I still want both!
------- Theo and Co. are going with Jeff Baker as the backup first baseman for the Cubs according to Levine. There are still whispers that Dlee could make his way back to the north side.
- The Cubs and A’s are interested in signing Todd Coffey. I bet both are only interested in a minor league deal.
- Rosenthal says the Cubs had interest in signing Chad Qualls before the Phillies signed him.
- Bud Selig has said he has not received written arguments from the Cubs or Red Sox on the compensation case which clearly indicates nothing is close to being done.

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