Monday, January 30, 2012

Minor Signings, free agent rumors, and the Rays like Soto?

The Cubs have signed lefty Trever Miller to a minor league deal. Find out more about him here.
- Bobby Scales signed a minor league deal with the Cubs with an invite to ST.
- Jim Bowden said on twitter that teams involved in Cespedes have much different scouting opinions in terms of position and bat.
- According to a rival exec Bud Selig will give the Red Sox a significant player in return of Theo. I just do not see that happening.
- There is no timetable on the compensation issue for Selig according to sources.
- If the Cubs do sign Cespedes then expect a flurry of moves starting with Byrd and/or Soriano traded or in Soriano’s possible case released.
- The agent for Geraldo Concepcion has told more than 7 teams that they are no longer in the running for his services.
- My source said that Concepcion is down to 3 teams including the cubs to pick from.
- According to sources the Cubs have officially made an offer to Cespedes.
- Jorge Soler has not gained residency and it has not been determined if or how close he is from gaining residency.
- The Cubs are seen as front runners for Cespedes according to many reports.
- The Cubs and Yankees are still discussing a deal involving Dempster but are looking to address other more pressing needs first according to sources.
- The Cubs prefer to trade Garza than Dempster a source close to the Cubs.
- Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times is reporting the Rays are linked to Geovany Soto and could be dangling Jeff Niemann or Wade Davis. Davis will make $1.5M next season and is 26 while Niemann is two years older and will make between $2.75M and $3.2M. If the Rays want Soto and are willing to trade Niemann or Davis straight up for him I say do it. Although I would prefer Davis to Niemann.
- If the Cubs do make the trade above you can expect them to then in turn trade a starter to make a spot for Davis or Niemann.
- Bleacher Nation says the Blue Jays have re-emerged as an interested party in Garza.

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