Friday, November 18, 2011

Sveum New Skipper, Coaching, and Player Notes..

- Congrats to Dale Sveum to becoming the Chicago Cubs new skipper. Here is some quotes and notes from Jed, Theo, and Dale from the press conference and side meeting with the media-
· Theo says Dale knows the game inside and out and is a great combination of intelligence and instinct which is tough to pull off.
· Theo said he is sincere, direct, comfortable, strong, and respects the game. Dale expects these same qualities from his players.
· Dale says you need to play the game the same everyday, like it is the 7th game of the WS.
· The Cubs need to address bad defense and lack of power but learning to play the right way is most important.
· In regards to the coaching staff it will be a long process but will start today. He also has a list of guys he likes and wants to meet with existing coaches.
· Got the nickname of “Nuts” from his past but it has nothing to do with his lower half and has something to do with something stupid he did.
· In regards to the Cubs the past is the past and you have to try to establish a new winning tradition.
· Statistics are apart of the game now but you cannot totally rely on them.
· My opinion: Dale seems like a very smart, knowledgeable, and cool manager. I expect him to be much stricter on all players’ not just rookies which is different from the previous managers of the Cubs. He is going to bring a different look (just like Theo) to Cubs baseball and it will be a nice and much needed change.
- Early reports were Robin Yount would be a coach on his team but since then Sveum has squashed those reports by saying he won’t.
- I expect Pat Listach and Rudy Jaramillo to stay on staff.
- Mike Maddux pulled out of the manager derby because of family concerns and other issues. Maddux calls Sveum “one of the best baseball people I know.”
- A source told me that Jim Hickey and Rick Kranitz are on the short list of pitching coaches Sveum and Theo & Co. are considering.
- SS Junior Lake will be added to the 40-man roster. Another step in him making the Big League club out of ST.
- The Yankees among other teams have called the Cubs about Matt Garza. One team official says it sounds like it will take a lot of move Garza so a trade is unlikely. While another says if the Yankees include a couple of their top prospects like Montero, Romine, Banuelos, and/or Betances.
- Jason McLeod was in the Dominican Republic this week to see Cuban Star Yoenis Cespedes and things already look good because Theo Epstein along with Jed Hoyer are going to the Dominican to check things out as well. His value is going up because it is now being reported that he may seek 8 years 60 million which is not that bad considering the years you would get him.
- The word now the Cubs brass is using is “revamp the roster” not “rebuild” which could mean some activity is expected.

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