Monday, October 10, 2011

Theo Epstein Rumors

If you follow anyone in relation to the Cubs on twitter (especially me) you know the Theo Epstein rumors have really heated up. Here is the latest news in the past 24-48 hours-

- A fan thought he saw Theo Epstein at a Starbucks in Chicago, but "Theo Epstein" denied it.
- There is no way the Cubs offer Starlin Castro for Theo and the Red Sox know that.
- The Red Sox have granted permission to speak to Mr. Epstein.
- Some Red Sox fans think they are better off with Larry Luchinno taking back some the responsibility that Epstein took from him and name Ben Cherington GM.
- The Red Sox are trying to get some quality in return for Theo Epstein by expressing displeasure in information being leaked to the media that the Cubs asked to speak to Epstein. If the Cubs do have to give up something which I am not entirely sure they will; it would likely be a minor league pitcher like Jay Jackson.
- There are numerous reports that Epstein has been or will be offered a GM/President of Baseball Operations position with the Cubs which would be move up not a lateral move which the Red Sox would have likely denied Epstein to interview.
- Buster_ESPN on twitter says this from a rival GM "If he met with the Cubs, what it means is that if he gets the offer he wants, he's gone [to Chicago]." That would be great news for Cubs fans.

If you like unconfirmed rumors then read this next section. I have received more emails telling me rumors and news in the past 48 hours via email, direct message on twitter, and by text message than I have in my 5 years writing for Hot Stove Cubbies. Some rumors have been confirmed while others are still awaiting their approval. So, listed below are the rumors that have not been confirmed or collaborated by another source. These by no means should taken as news, just by what it is, a rumor.

- The Cubs have offered the job to Theo Epstein and he has accepted but they are just working out the contract details.
- Theo Epstein is a smoke screen for the entire process and to keep guys like me busy and off the trail.
- If Theo does commit to the Cubs it means Tom Ricketts has agreed to increase payroll to match what the Red Sox current payroll is which is 164 million dollars. That would be a increase of 30 million of this year's payroll. And if true then the Cubs have 90 million to spend just on 2012. That is enough to get a Cubs fan gitty! With that number the Cubs could afford to sign Fielder, Sabathia, and CJ Wilson with some money left over.
- The Cubs have already interviewed Friedman, Hahn, and Beane.
- Ryne Sandberg will be announced as the new manager along with Theo Epstien.
- There will be a press conference held at the break between the Championship Series and the World Series to announce Theo Epstein as the new GM but Theo is already at work because he has accepted this position.

As you can see some of these rumors are pretty far fetched so take them at face value.

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Anonymous said...

If we have more money then we thought what about signing Fielder, and either Pujols (to play 3rd)or Reyes (moving Castro to 2nd)? Then signing Sabathia and Wilson.