Thursday, October 06, 2011

More GM talk, Z, and Ricketts...

- Still no report on whether or not the Red Sox have granted access to talk to Epstein. We likely will not hear anything until a decision has been made like accepting the position, turning it down, or the Red Sox denying the Cubs to talk to Epstein.

- Andrew Friedman works without a contract and can interview with any club at anytime without permission. He is currently the Cubs number 2 choice and up until recently he seemed entrenched in Tampa Bay.

- There have been reports that Ricketts may open the door to Epstein to a combination of President of Baseball Operations and GM.

- There is no way the Cubs will give compensation in the form of Castro to the Red Sox for Epstein. NO WAY that happens.

- I can see the Red Sox getting some compensation in the form of cash or a minor leaguer but not a top prospect or player like Castro or Brett Jackson.

- There is some talk out of Boston that fans are questioning if Epstein should even be back as Boston’s GM.

- Carlos Zambrano denies talking to Guillen about playing for him in Miami. OK Pinocchio!

- Buster Olney thinks Theo ends up with the Cubs.

- Another rumor out of the Chicago media is that Theo Epstein will require a higher payroll from Ricketts than the 2011 payroll to get things “turned around quicker.” Whether Ricketts meets those demands remains to be seen.

- I talked to one source that says Theo Epstein has all the leverage and Ricketts would make certain exceptions to land Theo but will not move on the Red Sox crazy rumored demands for compensation.

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