Thursday, October 20, 2011

Theo and the Funky Bunch

If you follow twitter you know all day today there has been conflicting reports in regards to the Theo Epstein talk but finally it seems like the Boston media is getting on board. No word on what players have been sent packing to Boston or when a press conference maybe but here is the latest.

- Theo Epstein will have complete control of the Baseball Operations side of the Chicago Cubs.

- Jed Hoyer will become the next GM of the Chicago Cubs.

- Hoyer will not cost the Cubs player compensation because of the good relationship between the Padres owner and Ricketts.

- Theo originally wanted Josh Byrnes but the declined and Jed Hoyer asked for an extension from the Padres before eventually accepting the job offered as the Cubs GM.

- Players included as compensation for Theo are not on the ML roster and do not include prospects Matt Szczur, Brett Jackson, or McNutt according to Bruce Levine.

- I keep hearing the names Jay Jackson and Josh Vitters from "people in the know."

- The Cubs have not asked MLB to make an announcement tomorrow as of 3:30 PM CST today.

- Assistant Jason McLeod is expected to join the Cubs front office. McLeod is Jed Hoyer assistant in San Diego.

- The Cubs new front office is considered by the media, baseball officials, rival GMs, players, and others around baseball as one of the best and brightest front offices in baseball. One official said the Cubs as an organization and their fans should be ecstatic as the changes made by Tom Ricketts. While a rival GM says "Tom Ricketts has paved a new road in baseball with the front office he just assembled.. Pretty high praises!

Here is some more information on the new Cubs GM Jed Hoyer-

- Former Assistant GM to Red Sox under Theo Epstein.

- Persuaded Curt Schilling to accept a trade from Arizona to Boston. A move that would be a big part of winning a World Series.

- Was among the group that landed Josh Beckett, Mike Lowell, Mark Loretta, and Andy Marte via trade. All moves that helped the Red Sox win the World Series.

- Hoyer had interviewed with the Pirates and Nationals before landing in San Diego in which his first year they won 90 games.

- Hoyer was also responsible for the trade of Adrian Gonzales to the Red Sox when he determined Adrian was going to leave free agency the following year. Hoyer was able to obtain the Red Sox #1 prospect Casey Kelly, #3 prospect Anthony Rizzo, and #6 prospect Reymond Fuentes. All of which are doing well in the Padres system.

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Anonymous said...

Im super syked about Theo coming to our beloved Cubbies. I know its going to take time fort them to put a team together to seriously compete, but I know they will. Also what do you know off the rumor of them hiring Ryne Sandberg to coach and him bringing Larry Bowa or other former cubs to fill out his coaching staff???? Thank you and keep up the good work sir.