Tuesday, October 18, 2011

D-Day: No Epstein Announcement But Rumors Likely

Many say the announcement is unlikely today but some say it is still possible. I am leaning toward the former.

- Nick Cafardo is one that is optimistic saying most deals get done once they reach the imposed deadline so a deal is still possible.

- It should be noted that Theo Epstein right now is in Boston and no announcement will be made without his presence in Chicago.

- Reports came out last night that the Red Sox asked for Matt Garza as compensation for Theo Epstein. The Cubs of course balked at that and then they moved onto Starlin Castro in which Randy Bush and Tom Ricketts laughed. They are now onto minor league prospects.

- Sean McAdam of CSNNE says the two sides are too far apart to get a deal done today. WEEI and the Sun-Times both agree with Sean McAdams.

- Sources say the Red Sox have now drawn their attention to top prospect Trey McNutt and Chris Carpenter. Most sources in relation to the Cubs label McNutt, Carpenter, Szczur, BJax, and Vitters are all untouchable. I think Epstein is worth a pitcher like Carpenter or McNutt but I do not think the Cubs should give in and give up one of those prospects.

- The thought around baseball is their is no way Epstein is in Boston next season because the Boston management has already promised Ben Cherington the GM job, said that they would not renew Epstein contract, and will not pay Theo 7 million for a lame duck season. Not to mention they criticizing Theo for the Crawford deal. I tell you what Boston brass I will take Epstein, Crawford, and Lackey if you take Soriano and Zambrano.

- Sources close to Tom Ricketts say he is willing to wait until he gets the right deal rather than jeopardising the Cubs farm system. Rumors have even gone as far as possibly putting a baseball operations team together until Theo comes along.

- Josh Byrnes may move before Theo according to sources. Theo Epstein has already told Ricketts some of his plans in the interview so Tom (if confident a deal could get done) could start hiring and firing and making moves that Theo would have done his first days and weeks on the job starting with hiring Josh Byrnes and possible firing Mike Quade.

- Many sources think the Cubs have a lot move leverage considering the Red Sox have went for asking for Garza down to minor league talent. Shows a lot of leverage the Cubs way and desperation from the Red Sox to get something of value.

- Many say a deal is incredibly unlikely to fall through. One of my sources say there is a better chance of a Babe Ruth resurrection and signing with the Cubs for 2012 than a deal falling through.

-Both clubs need to get a deal done because both need to start conducting a managerial search very soon!

- Bud Selig does a MLB announcement blackout during the World Series so an announcement could still be made before the game tomorrow evening. Although the Cubs could ask permission from Selig to do one on a off or travel day.

- Epstein wants to take three Boston employees with him to Chicago. The Herald has all three names Brian O'Halloran who is VP of Baseball Operations, Dave Finley is a Special Assistant to the GM, and Mike Reinhold who is the Head Athletic Director and Assistant Director of Medical Services.

- Another name that could be coming to Chicago is Jason McLeod who is the head of the amateur draft and Jed Hoyer's assistant for the Padres.

- MLB cannot interfere or arbitrate a resolution between the two clubs but will continue to monitor the situation.

- If Ryne Sandberg interviews for the Cubs manager position (if and when Quade is fired) then he will get the job. They will not turn him down twice.

Let's hope something gets done today and an announcement is made tomorrow so we can get the off season underway!

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