Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cubs Offseason Rumors and News Starts....

- The Cubs may look very different in 2012 because the likelihood of Zambrano and Soriano being traded or released, Pena looking for a multi-year deal, and Aramis Ramirez wanting to test free agency.

- The Marlins maybe willing to offer Ramirez a 4 year deal worth 50+ million dollars according to sources. Cubs CANNOT compete with that!

- The Tigers, Twins, Rockies, Giants, Dodgers, Angels, Phillies, and Mariners all have some level of interest in Ramirez.

- Carlos Pena first choice is to remain with the Cubs but he said he also wants a multi-year deal which could force the Cubs to pass on Pena.

- Pena will likely not sign a contract until after Pujols and Fielder sign so he can see what the market is. This plays well for the Cubs because there is less of a chance the Cubs come up empty handed if he signs after Albert and Prince rather than before.

- If the Cubs lose out on all three big hitters then they could go with LaHair at 1st full-time or settle for lower tier guys like Michael Cuddyer or Derek Lee.

- Tom Ricketts could get creative in trying to lure guys like Epstien and Friedman by appointing them GM and a either President or VP of Baseball Operations for the Cubs as well which would be a step up for both Friedman and Epstien.

- Ricketts wants to focus of building a team within and does not necessarily want to spend all the money he has on big named free agents.

- Some more rumors are out saying Marlon Byrd will be dangled this offseason.

- Dempster coming back next season is not a slam dunk like everyone thought it was.

- There are grumblings from the Cubs clubhouse that some players will not return or may ask to be dealt if Quade remains manager.

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Nick I Cub Fan said...

Everyone in our division was kind to us this month except, Milwaukee. Pirates won 2 of 3,Reds won 4 of 7,Astros won 2 of 3,Cards won 2 of 3. But Milwaukee lost 2 of 3 to the Cubs. If S.D. could sweep the cubs, then they would draft 5th. If not they would draft 6th through 11th, depending on the wins. GO PADRES.