Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cubs Note: GM Stuff, Pitching, and Hitting

- Walt Jocketty will not be the next Cubs GM according to sources. He is likely vying for an extension from the Reds.

- Tom Ricketts will not start contacting GMs until the first week in October.

- Ricketts will likely call on about 20+ GM candidates and have formal extensive interviews with 8-10 of them.

- Brian Cashman and Jon Daniels are not candidates for the Cubs GM job.

- Theo Epstein, Billy Beane, and Andrew Friedman have not denied interest in the job so they are still viable candidates.

- Tim Wilken did not receive an extension but will be back next season and is looking forward to it.

- Levine does not see LaHair as a possible replacement for Pena at first next season.

- Levine thinks the Cubs will trade for a left-handed starter this offseason and names JA Happ and John Danks as targets.

- A source of mine said the Cubs have extensively been scouting Zach Britton.

- Cashner will be stretched out this fall and likely come back to the Cubs as their 5th starter.

- Kerry Wood is done for the season and he said he either is going to re-sign with the Cubs or retire from baseball.

- The Phillies will likely add Ryne Sandberg to their coaching staff for next season according to Levine. I think he should be the Cubs manager next season.

- There are whispers out there that Crane Kenney will be out as Cubs President after the season. If that is the case then I see no reason not to have Pat Gillick as your next team President.

- If Crane Kenney is removed you could see a current baseball GM’s like Epstein, Beane, or Friedman take a promotion to become the Cubs new President.

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Anonymous said...

The Cubs can scout Britton all they want, but Baltimore won't trade him. If the Cubs are going to make a trade with Baltimore, I would like to see them try and pry Matusz and/or Markakis. Both are coming off of sub-par seasons and might be easier to acquire. I wouldn't be opposed to the Cubs offering Marmol, Gaub, Vitters and Junior Lake for starters. It will take make than that to get them, but it could be done.