Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things; they are a changing....

Here is the latest from the Cubs rumor mill-

- The Pirates have interest in several Cub players including Zambrano, Soriano, Byrd, Fukudome, Ramirez, and Pena.

- The Cubs promoted Brett Jackson and Ryan Flaherty to AAA Iowa and both could be MLB bound in August depending on who they trade.

- Flaherty is view by some the possible starting 3rd baseman next season if they don’t trade for one or keep Aramis. The 3rd baseman market is really weak next season.

- Cub sources said they could see Soriano being an August deal just like Derrek Lee was.

- San Francisco is very interested in Koyie Hill. I would trade him there for a bucket of balls!

- Rumor out of the White Sox organization is that they would consider a cross town bad contract trade of Dunn for Soriano. Soriano has 3 years 54 million left while Dunn has 3 years 43 million so they would have to make up the difference somewhere.

- Speaking of the White Sox, if they make Gavin Floyd available the Cubs will be interested.

- Levine says Aramis maybe back next season but not a chance Fukudome is back.

- The Cubs number one player on their list for next season is Prince Fielder.

- Sources say Billy Beane would be Ricketts first choice for GM next season if Hendry is fired. Sources close to Billy Beane say there is “mutual interest”

- Mike Quade could be on his way out whether Ricketts likes it or not, that is if Hendry and/or Kenney is fired. Reports are saying the new GM will “have his pick of staff” that includes assistants, scouts, manager, coaches, etc..

- Sandberg would not rule out coming back to the Cubs to manage. The full story is here- SandbergCubs

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Good stuff brotha...Great post keep them coming here close to the deadline.