Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Improvements and Changes...

I am proud to present some much needed changes and improvements to Hot Stove Cubbies.

First off I am now going to be doing rumor and news updates via twitter as well as on here on HSC. Please feel free to follow me to get the latest news and rumors regarding your Cubs. Follow me @HotStoveCubbies by clicking on the follow me link located in the top right column of the page.

Another improvement that is beneficial for everyone is I am now able to do mobile updates via text message and it sends directly to the blog. One unfortunate thing that blogger does not address is the posting option on the mobile device. You will not be able to post comments to mobile updates from me on the blog until I am able to enable them by accessing the website which I will do. This will allow me to spend more time away from the computer screen and with my family but still not neglecting my devoted readers and posters. Not to mention this should make posting easier and more frequent so everyone wins!

Let me know how everything is working and if you are enjoying the changes by posting here or talking to me via twitter.

Thank you and Go Cubs!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Is there a chance u can get an adroid app going?

Anonymous said...

Is there a chance u can get a android app going