Sunday, June 05, 2011

The Cubs are an AAA team!!!

First off let me say I do not blame Carlos Zambrano and his comments to reporters after the game. While many of you consider this throwing a teammate under the bus, I think Zambrano is showing leadership and making certain that some players are held accountable. Zambrano is putting out there what everyone thinks, the Cubs are "embarrasing" plain and simple.

I will say mistakes come from the top and trickle down. Everyone is held responsible for the results this team is getting. From Tom Ricketts to Tyler Colvin to Mike Quade to Jim Hendry.... Everyone is at fault!

Here are just some mistakes-

- Marmol should have never thrown a slider to Theriot, he cannot hit the high fastballs!
- Koyie Hill does not belong on a ML team, thanks Hendry for that signing.
- DeWitt in LF and Colvin in CF... come on!!! Kids like Snyder and Campana need to play and Brett Jackson needs called up!
- Quade what are you doing first off calling Lopez to face Pujols? I know he is 0-12 against him but that was like 4 years ago. If you bring in Lopez then just walk Pujols and take your chances with the next hitter.

As you see plenty of blame to go around and I hope the comments from Carlos get looked at in a different light than the media is portraying it because for once I am on Z's side.

Cubs=Simply Embarrassing!


Anonymous said...

It's actually a good thing that they get embarrassed this year. This team is not capable of contending even with players healthy. A true Cubs fan that actually wants to see a world series championship roots AGAINST the cubs this year so that we can get rid of these clowns.

Matthew said...

There is no doubt about it now....let the yard sale begin. We can get some great value for the vets whose contracts are up at the end of this year. We might as well see what we can get and let the youngsters play. Can't wait 'til next year.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

I don't blame Zambrano for his comments either, but it should of been in house. And next time Marmol
faces Theriot and throws a slider Theriot stikes out. Second guessing is easy i could do it for hours. I agree Hill is not a major leager, maybe he could follow Hendry to his new team. Dewitt is an infielde ( and thats debatable )
why he's in the outfield makes no sense to me either. The reason Lopez faced Pujols is Marmol, Marshall and Wood are tired and there was no one left in the pen that could pitch. Russel, or Grabow
they suck more than Lopez. Quade had no choice.
But i have to dis agree with you about Jackson. A month ago he was hitting about 360 now 260 he is in a bad slump.

Anonymous said...

This team has LOTS of problems
1) J Hendry--time for a change
2) need major leaque manager w/guts
3) GOOD-BYE: Pena,Zambrano,Fukudome,Ram, K Hill,
4) Ricketts needs to tell fans THEY ARE REBUILDING !! fans wont mind if they know whats going on, stop piece mealing team, HAVE A PLAN AND STICK TO IT !!