Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cubs Notes...

- The Sun-Times is reporting that Reed Johnson and Darwin Barney are pulling away in the race for the last two bench spots.

- Levine said we could find out he has the last two rotation spots by Monday or Tuesday of next week. Levine feels Wells and Cashner are locks for the remaining two spots and I agree.

- The Sun-Times is reporting that is Wells is a lock then the final two spots could come down to Cashner, Looper, and Silva. If Looper does not get the spot the Cubs may use him as a long man or emergency starter.

- Levine says Grabow and Shark are locks to make the team. He also says Maine and Russell could join Marmol, Wood, and Marshall in the pen. I think Russell will be a starter in Iowa.

- Levine says Silva might end up in the pen if he does not make the rotation or is traded. I think he will either be traded or put on the DL to start the year.

- It could be March 30th before we know the 25 man roster.

- Hendry has not spoken to the Rangers since the Winter Meetings according to Levine. The Cubs were interested in Chris Davis but the Rangers wanted players that were included in the Garza deal.

- Levine maybe wrong on the line above because I have a pretty good source that stated the Cubs and Rangers discussed Michael Young earlier this month.

- Barney will be an utility infielder for the Cubs, Ojeda does not look like he will make the team with all his injury woes.

- If Cashner does not make the rotation he will be in the pen. Cashner will not start in AAA.

- Bobby Scales is the Cubs infield backup in AAA. He will not make the team out of ST.

- Luis Castillo was released today; the Cubs have mild interest in signing him to a minor league deal.

- Castro could be the leadoff man later on this season.

Here is my 25 man roster as of today-

1. Dempster
2. Zambrano
3. Garza
4. Wells
5. Cashner
6. Baker
7. Barney
8. Castro
9. DeWitt
10. Pena
11. Ramirez
12. Hill
13. Soto
14. Byrd
15. Colvin
16. Fukudome
17. Johnson
18. Soriano
Relief Pitchers-
19. Marmol
20. Wood
21. Grabow
22. Samardzija
23. Marshall
24. Maine
25. Looper

This makes the most sense for the Cubs. I also think this maybe only time I have seen two non-roster invitees like Looper and Johnson both make the team. I also want to note that I do not see Silva on the 25 man roster whether it is a DL stint, released, or traded. He does not belong on the Cubs.

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Anonymous said...

As always sir, great job on the blog. I totally agree, silva DOES not belong with the cubs. I really hope he gets traded in the near future. Keep up the good work.

bigdogs200169 said...

Rotation Zambrano...Dempster...Garza...Wells...Cashner

Bullpen Marshall(L)..Grabow(L)... Wellemeyer... Smardijza... Looper... Wood... Marmol

C....Soto,1B...Pena,2b...Young,SS...Castro,3B...Ra mirez OF...Soriano,Byrd Fukudome

Bench....C...Ramirez,IF....Moore and Davis,OF....Johnson and Colvin

Silva starts on the DL and i think if the reports are right with Texas eating half of Michael Youngs Contract IMO we trade for him and Davis

Cubs get Young n Davis

Rangers get Dolis,Russell,Castillo,Baker n maybe 1 more person

Anonymous said...

I would say Wellington Castillo for Hill and you have it pretty well nailed. Keep up the good work.