Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter Break for Us and the Cubs..

We are back from a long break so lets get caught up-

- The Rangers signed Brandon Webb to a one-year deal worth 3 million with incentives that could push it beyond 10 million for 2011.

- The Cubs continue to talk to the Rays about Garza but the Rays are still deciding on whether to hold onto him or trade him.

- The Cubs have checked in on Fausto Carmona but the Indians want at least two top prospects so that is about as far as talks got.

- The Daily Herald has a great article on Ron Santo and his last days here.

- The Cubs may go into ST with the pitching they have but Jim is still looking to make deals.

- Hak-Ju Lee could be called up in the middle of next season if he follows in Castro’s footsteps.

Until Next Time


Anonymous said...

look how much you been slacking this year.. only in the mid 100's, the last 3 years you were well into the 200's..

Anonymous said...

Just wondering why you have been reporting ur stuff so late the past few months. I really like ur site but most everything u post is old news