Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Levine Latest and More...

The latest from Levine and others-

- The Cubs have no interest in trading for Dan Uggla.

- Zambrano and Soriano have untradeable contracts.

- Aramis Ramirez could be traded and I have heard the Cubs have already received calls from the Red Sox and Angels about Aramis.

- The Cubs first choice to play first for them is Adrian Gonzalez followed by Carlos Pena then Adam Dunn.

- Levine backs up what we have been hearing which is Hak-Ju Lee will be one of the players involved in A-Gone trade talk along with Jay Jackson and Chris Archer.

- Levine says Starlin Castro and Brett Jackson will not be involved in trade talk. Carlos Marmol will not be involved with a potential Padres trade.

- The Cubs think Josh Vitters and Brett Jackson will be impact players at the ML level.

- Hendry has not received the 2011 payroll numbers but the Cubs are not expected to spend big on free agents this winter.

- Sean Marshall is enjoying being a reliever.

- Add Jake Westbrook to the list of pitchers the Cubs like. Brandon Webb is still my pick.

- Levine says it is still a possibility that Tyler Colvin is the Cubs starting 1st baseman next season.

- Brandon Guyer needs another year in the minors.

- The Cubs are talking to teams about Fukudome.

- The Cubs have interest in bring Bill Hall in as a utility player much like the role DeRosa filled for them a couple years back. He would likely fill in for Jeff Baker, who is expected to be non-tendered.

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Anonymous said...

a lot of rumors out there but like always its the cubs and 80% wont happen...

Nick I Cub Fan said...

If we can't get Gonzalez then i would like to see what Colvin can do at first.

Anonymous said...

Are we seriously going to get all excited again for new players that will never happen?

-Brian Roberts
-Prior for Abreu

To name a few.

Seriously, lets live in the real world. The Cubs know they don't even have to win to sell tickets. If they were smart they would sell the farm for Adrian. They won't though, because they value their minor league talent to be more than it is. Name one player that came up through the Cubs organization in the last 10 years that has been an impact player. Kerry Wood? Prior? Felix Pie? Matt Murton? Ronny Cedeno? Hee Seop Choi? Ryan Theriot? Mike Fontenot? Hoffpauir?...Starlin Castro and Colvin will hopefully prove me wrong but at best Castro will be a high average singles hitter(at BEST which most likely will fall short) and hopefully there is no long term damage to Colvin,(even he isn't a 30 HR guy) but come on...lets make some moves and get some proven talent and stop throwing money into money pits like Adam Dunn and Carlos Pena who's best years are behind them.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

SNYDER filed for free agent. I'm not saying he will be the next HAMILTON that the CUBS let get away
but.308 AVE, .381 OBP, 37 2B, 19 SB, 25 HR. And he was cut from the 40 man roster before Fuld and Hoffpauir.