Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No to Ryno, No to Money, and Maybe a OH-NO Off-Season..

- Gray was sent to AAA Iowa and removed from the 40-man roster.

- Levine states Fukudome is very likely to be traded.

- Zambrano is likely to be shopped but unlike to be traded due to his no-trade clause.

- Levine also said the Cubs may not have enough money to sign free agents unless Hendry gets creative again this winter.

- Byrd says Orlando Hudson would be a great addition to the team as far as a leader in the clubhouse. I agree but Levine says DeWitt will be the starting 2nd baseman next season unless the find money to sign Hudson.

- The Yankees will likely outbid the Cubs for Kerry Wood this off-season.

- Brett Jackson, Jay Jackson, and Chris Archer will likely make it to the Bigs by late summer according to Bruce Levine.

- Jim Hendry’s biggest priority is Adam Dunn but Hendry can only sign him if he trades a big contract for next season.

- According to multiple reports and sources the Cubs are front runner to sign Adam Dunn.

- The Cubs will try very hard to trade Soriano.

- Ryne Sandberg will not have a place on the Chicago Cubs according to Bruce Levine, but management would like him to manage the Iowa Cubs again next season. Sandberg was told "that a coaching position would not be available at the Major League level" What a slap in the face, the Cubs should at least offer him the bench coaching position and let him determine whether he wants it or not!

- Ozzie Guillen said if his bench coach Joey Cora went elsewhere he would welcome Sandberg to the South Side to replace him. That would be hard for me to take.

- Pat Listach is likely to stay in Washington unless he gets a managerial job in the ML.

- Ken Macha is now the favorite to land the bench coaching position on Quade’s staff.

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Anonymous said...

No matter how hard the Cubs try to trade Soriano the only way that they are going to be able to do it is if they pay 85% + of his remaining salary, much like the Rockies did in order to get rid of Hampton several years ago.