Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Cubs Are Ready To Sell

- Zambrano should start throwing again this week but will still receive “treatment.” He is expected to have a rehab stint before joining the team. It seems the timetable on Big Z maybe returning the week before the trade deadline. Oddly enough Z maybe gaining interest on the trade market but only if the Cubs pick up the majority of his contract. It is not known what his duties will be on the Cubs once he returns.

- The Phillies, Red Sox, and Tigers all have been scouting the Cubs recently. Reports from Bruce Levine and other media outlets have all three teams scouting Mike Fontenot and Ryan Theriot. All three teams need middle infield help and can acquire either one for cheap considering some think they are non-tender candidates next season.

- The Cubs are ready to cash in there trade chips according to sources including Peter Gammons who says that they are ready to deal Ted Lilly but will likely try to sign him in the offseason. Another trade chip is Derrek Lee who should gain interest from the Giants, Angels, Yankees, and Mets. It is also rumored that the Cubs want to cash in some of their players for a close or ML ready young 1st baseman. Guys like Smoak from Texas and Ike Davis from the Mets could appeal to the Cubs.

I will keep you updated!


Anonymous said...

The Mets have no desire to trade Ike Davis, especially for an under-performing, expensive Derek Lee. I'd like to see the Cubs get Smoak from the Rangers, but the Rangers can't really add salary.

Anonymous said...

Peter Gammons is one of your sources? What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Why would the Yankees be interested in D Lee? Teixeira is struggling with the stick this year, but he is still better than Lee in pretty much every statistical category. Plus history shows that he is a second half player.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of dealing Lilly and then trying to resign him in the off season. Then the prospects we get back would just be an added bonus.

I don't trade Z at this deadline if the Cubs get stuck with eating his contract. There isn't enough time between his return and the deadline for him to build back some trade value. Yes I am aware his value right now is at rock bottom and it won't jump up much any time soon, but deadline deals are driven by contending teams looking for some sparks to add to their effort. I think it is better off to deal Z in the off season. Again, only if the deals out there are asking us to eat most of the money.

I haven't followed E Patt, but if he can get traded for something, I would have to imagine Fonty and Theriot could be traded for something, not necessarily on the cheap.

Nick I, your trade proposal for Figgins won't work. The money may be even, and Seattle is doing no better than us, but that doesn't mean they would be interested in taking on Rammy who is doing horrible and deal the FA they just signed this past off season. - Joe