Monday, April 05, 2010

Random Thoughts....

Here are some random thoughts that went through my head today during the game-

- I am sure glad we got Marlon Byrd.
- How much is Z making!?!?!
- When Z implodes, he implodes.
- Boy I am glad Fukudome is hitting.
- Now, why isn't Marshall a starter again?
- I think Shark should pay the Cubs back the millions they have paid him and go play football. At least there you can get hammered and still stay in the game.
- Our middle infield should looks good without Castro starting there (sarcasm)... I bet he gets called up by May 30th.
- That Russell kid looked scared to death but pitched like a ten year veteran.
- Is my Carlos Zambrano projection already a bust?
- At least I know we won't lose tomorrow.
- That Heyward kid looks like something special.
- Is Chipper Jones actually 58 years old? It seems he has had a longer career than Juilo Franco and Todd Helton combined.
- We should get some established veterans for the pen. I wonder what Glendon Rusch, Mike Remlinger, Terry Muholland, Kent Merker, Ray King, and Kevin Tapani are up to these days?
- We still have hope, I still have hope, and I still believe this is the year.
- Hey! We are tied for 3rd in the NL Central!

Until Next Time...


tanner said...

This is what I think:


They should trade the looser and let Colvin play!

Tom said...

Richard Warren Aguilera the answer:)

Pauly said...

I like your in-game thoughts from yesterday, pretty spot-on. It provides a nice twist and good catch up for those that couldn't watch or listen. Love your blog, keep up the great work. Thanks!

Joe said...

Shark paying the Cubs back won't happen. But selling him to the Bears might be possible.

After I've had the off day to calm myself down, I'm trying to take heart in the old adage that baseball has a long season and that there is a long way to go.

Z actually never does well on Opening Day. This point was brought up before the start of last season, as whispers were to maybe start Demp or Lilly considering Z's career track record of not doing well on OD. Of course he went out and actually pitched well for once, so maybe thats why we did't hear anything this season.

Biggest concerns are the 8 total walks, and Soriano and Soto not looking so good.

Nice article in Trib today about how Demp should have a great season now that his head is clear of worries over his baby daughter and her health concerns. I expect a well pitched game by him. The question will be if the Cubs can scratch a few runs off the Braves JJ.

With Soriano doing his best Sammy Sosa impression, flailing at sliders a foot off the plate or more, I'm hoping Lou takes the first opportunity to get Colvin in the starting line up, something he said he would do two to three times a week anyway. Maybe Soriano isn't 100%, so the extra day off would be a good excuse.