Friday, April 09, 2010


Today's game was all about managing mistakes, bad calls, and poor execution. Lets run them down shall we???

- Mistake 1- The umpire getting caught in the moment of a great play missed the fact that the ball did not enter the web of Joey Votto's glove until Colvin's foot was firmly planted on the 1st base bag. Blown call!

- Mistake 2- Chad Tracy, what was that! Either swing the bat or do not, I will give you a break though. You have never faced Cordero and his nasty stuff.

- Mistake 3- Sweet Lou, why would you remove Carlos Silva, who's was below 100 pitches before the 7th? He was in a groove, wanted to go back out there, and most of all did not walk a batter. Must be a senior moment!

- Mistake 4- Sweet Lou, why would you leave in a young pitcher who is struggling with his command and losing his composure to face a guy that looked good at the plate all night long?

- Mistake 5- Sweet Lou, why in the hell would you pick Caridad over Marshall, who has been a stud. Or at least go with someone with a fresher arm.

- Mistake 6- Hey ump! That black lining around the white plate, if the ball crosses that it is a strike! I am so sick of every ump having a different strike zone when there is one standard in the rule book. I am also sick of these umps giving young guys a small strike zone and veterans 2 foot off the plate. It is so sad to see.

- Mistake 7- Me, actually believing the Cubs had this one in the bag! I know now that this is not the same club from two years ago where if you were down by 2 runs in the 9th you think they had a good chance. No this is a team your up by two runs and say oh, NO, how are we gonna blow this one.

What a frustrating loss for Silva and the Cubs because of mistakes made by Lou, the Ump crew, and Caridad.

Lets see what happens tomorrow!


tanner said...

Also, the line drive to center field where the ump said he caught it, and the ball hit the grass. It was in Atlanta.

tim said...

Silva took himself out because he was hurt.