Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Cubs Poised To Sign Ankiel?

- According to sources, the Cubs are poised to sign Rick Ankiel as soon as Milton Bradley is traded. The Cubs have been linked to Ankiel recently along with Crisp, Cameron, Byrd, among others. This of course means the idea of the Cubs getting Granderson has diminished and the Cubs acquiring a CF via trade like Rowand, Davis, McLouth, etc has gone out the window. It is also rumored the Cubs will in fact offer Ankiel a multi-year deal so they can can make the money disperse more over years rather than him signing a one year deal worth a higher figure. I am in favor of this deal because I think Rudy Jarmillo can turn this guy around to a middle of the lineup threat.

- David Kaplan said the Cubs have in fact notified Harden, Johnson, and Gregg they will not be offered arbitration. Harden should be the only one offered but Hendry will make another big mistake.

- The Cubs will target some high risk, high reward pitchers this offseason with Noah Lowry heading the list followed by Mark Mulder, Brett Myers, and Eric Milton. I wonder if they would take a stab at former Cubs Mark Prior or Rich Hill?

- Danny Rodriguez is expected to sign with the Cubs. He has posted a 3-0 start with a 1.25 ERA in 6 starts this winter. Would likely be a minor league deal.

- Bruce Miles think the Cubs will tender contracts to all 9 arbitration eligible players. I disagree I think the Cubs tender contracts to everyone except Neal Cotts and Mike Fontenot.

- The Cubs efforts to trade Bradley have slowed and looking to deal him before the winter meetings is now unlikely. Why won't he just go away!

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follow_your_bliss23 said...

I love the Ankiel idea. His offense is good, but his defense is amazing. Canon for an arm

Anonymous said...

Ankiel is a huge step in the wrong direction.

Anonymous said...

Did I not tell you this? I'll say this for the millionth time, and on this board about the 50th...BRADLEY WILL STAY. The Cubs are the only ones dumb enough to take him for a long term deal after one good year. Best thing we can do. Get Granderson or Ankiel for Center, hope Bradley has another flash in the pan year.... either way we are kind of stuck, it sucks...but thats the reality of this situation. Maybe try and find a bite on Fukudome which would be about as likely as Bradley being traded. Plus Soriano eating up salary with no production and Zambrano still not getting any better year by year, I dunno...we really dug ourselves a hole now.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info.

I would hope Ben Sheets' name is included in the high risk, high reward P category, although he may command the highest combination of money and years of the names you mentioned.


Nick I Cub Fan said...

Ankiel can't hit, strikes out alot.
I think the cubs will trade for someone like Spilborghs or Raburn. They have 3 CF's that bat left handed on their roster not counting
Fukudome. Adducci which i like alot
Colvin which the cubs like alot and Fuld which the fans like alot. I see a platoon in center till Jackson is ready. I don't see any free agents signing with the cubs.

allan jb said...

Hendry will continue to make mistakes.I agree with you that Harden should have been offered arbitration.Johnson is another fan favorite for good reason.You can't put numbers on playing hard.Now he is gone.At the rate we're going this team won't even finish second.Maybe that is what it will take to get rid of Hendry.

allan jb said...

PS...why would the Cardinals not keep Ankiel if he had any future whatsoever? How will he handle the boos in Wrigley Field after one of his many strike outs? Maybe the Ankiel we saw last year is the real Ankiel.That plus who will play CF against lefties...he is totally helpless against them.Who is the Right handed center fielder on our roster?

Anonymous said...

Are the cubs allergic to offering arbitration to Free Agents? Do we not like the stress of having to scout more for extra pics or something? I dont understand it.