Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cubs Look Bad but Hendry WIll Stay Pat?

- Jim Hendry had this to say to the Sun-Times today. Hendry said he's checked the waiver wires for available players daily, ''and there was nothing that made any sense. And I'm not anticipating that it probably would. Hopefully, we're going to survive the injuries.''

No time for hope Hendry, you need to take action. Players like Mark Mulder and John Smoltz can help this team but you chose to ignore that. You chose to go with the Cubs fragile rotation and pen that can't throw strikes over adding someone that can actually help.

You have guys like Fontenot, Baker, Heilman, Miles, and others on this roster that are just a warm body in a Cubs uniform, yet you do nothing about it. Players like Felipe Lopez, Mark DeRosa, Mark Teahen, Joe Biemel, George Sherrill, Jake Peavy, and others were available at the deadline, yet you chose to not pull the trigger on any of those trades. Do not give me the ownership situation had to be resolved, it basically is!

No more excuses! The Cubs are 4.5 games out of first and only ahead of Houston by 3.5 games. You need to do something to shake up this team!

I hate to say it but if this continues why not let Lou go and go with Bob Brenly. He has been making a lot of sense in that TV booth. Saying things that the Cubs should do and disgusted at stuff the Cubs should do fundamentally well. Something needs to change!

- Enough with my rant!'s Jayson Stark says the Cubs could look for another starter and bat depending on how Z, Aram, and Lilly do health wise.

- To the dope that spilled the beer on Shane Victorino, your an idiot! You do not deserve to be in the bleachers.

- Aram should start on Friday, Lilly should be off the DL soon and he is ready, and Z should be ready to pitch by August 21st.

- Bruce Levine said today that Hendry has made a lot of waiver claims but none have worked out. I am guessing Robinson Cano, Doug Davis, and maybe some others that got pulled back.

- Should the Cubs go after Bill Hall as insurance? He makes 6.8 million this year and 8.4 million next season so it is not likely but still possible if the Brewers absorb some of his money.


Anonymous said...

And here we are again, we do not realize that the cubs to not try to win. They just pretend. FYI Bob Brenly is a joke. He does nothing but kiss the players asses in the booth and says a bunch of nonsense. Its a lot easier to make decisions after the fact like he does all the time. Don't be fooled, he is the same man that sent a wide eyed byung yun kim back to the mound against the yankees night after night to blow saves. Lou is fine, hendry is the problem.

Anonymous said...

As a very loyal cub fan, it has been absolutely horrendous supporting the 2009 chicago cubs. We have a core group of bloated-contracted players under-perform every single year, which consistently dissapoint every expectations had for them. (Big name that flashes in my mind is SoriaNO) Lou's seemingly passive stance on the Cubs have been anything but lackluster. Have we all forgotten the playoff atmosphere of game 3 2008 NLDS against the Dodgers? NO ONE on that team stood up and got fiery about winning. How can we cub fans constantly support such horrible decisions and over-rated talent? Let's hope this new ownership takes reign and leads us into a new direction.

Anonymous said...

Baker has been hot lately. And Cano cleared waivers, Davis was claimed by the Brewers

Anonymous said...

I disagree that Jeff Baker and Aaron Heilman are just warm bodies. Jeff baker Can hit if he gets enough at bats. and even though heilman has been struggling he still has above average stuff. i do agree that the cubs should have made at least one more trade. for a back up third basemen .

Anonymous said...

Aaron Heliman is HORRIBLE. He needs to be released this offseason. How in the WORLD can you say that he has better that average stuff? He is old and needs to go to another team.