Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Smoltz Chicago Bound? Other Notes....

- The Cubs have reportedly talked to the Red Sox about John Smoltz. Smoltz recently cleared waivers and could be dealt to any team. The Cubs do not want to take on his current salary so the Red Sox would have to eat the majority of his salary or take on a player with a similar salary. The Cubs could deal Aaron Heilman, Jeff Baker, or Aaron Miles, or get Smoltz for a PTBNL and have the Sox pay a portion of his contract.

If the Cubs could get Smoltz for Jeff Baker or Aaron Miles, that would be a great present for them. It should also be noted that the Cubs view Smoltz as a reliever not a starter although his versatility and the Cubs fragile rotation could change that.

- The Cubs could look at Nomar for better middle infield depth. The Cubs front office do not like the Baker/Miles/Fontenot situation at 2nd base and it is rumored that Hendry is looking to upgrade. So they could take a chance on Nomar at 2nd base, where he has never played or switch Theriot to 2nd and put Nomar at SS. That would be a risk as well!

- Gorzelanny's hurt foot is not that bad and he should make his next start.

- Esmailin Caridad can throw hard and looks pretty good!

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