Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Peavy Unlikely to be Traded Unless to Cubs..

- According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports the Padres are unlikely to trade Jake Peavy unless the Cubs get permission to take on his contract or a mystery team comes into the picture. It has said that Jake wants to pitch in the NL, for a contender, and a Midwest team.

- Ryan Spilborghs is not on the Cubs radar according to Ken Roshenthal.

- The Cubs are set to get Harden back this week after a decent rehab outing.

- Great read on Milton Bradley on CCO.

That is it for now Cub fans!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates...too bad its not about the sale if that ever happens now...

Anonymous said...

Again, we can't really take any Cub rumours seriously. They are a team that doesn't try to win. Wrigley is filled every game, and the fans who now are booing, still love them more than anything so it doesnt matter. Peavy was never coming to the Cubs, neither was Pudge, Beltran, Tejada, Abreu, Bedard, and Brian Roberts.(And that's covering only the past 5 years.) The only trade they ever made at the deadline that meant anything was when Hendry got lucky when the Pirates were having a firesale. The Biggest loss we had in the offseason was not Mark Derosa or Kerry Wood, it was the fact that Mark Cuban wasn't allowed to buy the Cubs, that was our only shot at a true winner. For now, its smokescreen after smokescreen to keep us interested.

BRAD said...

We need to make a move... we need 1-2 relievers, a power bat, and another starting pitcher.... in that order. I say we trade for heath bell peavy and adrien gonzalez! i know pretty far fetched but i think those 3 pieces would make us sooo much better... we would probably have to give up Lee, Marshall, Fox, Vitters and maybe another to get this but it could happen?

Anonymous said...

I stop by this website from time to time, whoever it was who wrote about the Cubs ownership being a smokescreen and the rumors just being a ploy to keep us interested, they couldn't be more true. They do it every year.

-Pete 'Springfield