Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cubs Draft Picks and Cubs Source has Hawpe Top the List!

Here is an update from the Draft-

- Cubs selected 19 year old Brett Jackson as their first round pick. The last player to play in the Majors that was a first round draft pick by the Cubs was Mark Prior. Jackson is on the verge of becoming a true Center fielder. He batted .326 with a .416 OBP and 11 steals in 14 attempts his Junior year. He does not have tons of power but that may come down the line. Wilkens says his speed and above average defense is what impressed him.

- The Cubs also selected another former LSU player named David LeMahieu. He is an above average infielder with great baseball instincts. He has only really played SS in his career so far.

- The Cubs selected a left handed pitcher for their round 3 pick. His name is Austin Kirk. Kirk went 9-1 with an 0.45 ERA on the mound and batted .408 with 50 RBIs his senior season. He is truly a steal in the 3rd round and expect him to move fast through the Cubs system.


According to one Cubs "source" I recently talked to, the Cubs front office is getting frustrated and annoyed with Milton Bradley's injuries, lack of production at the plate, and his antics toward the media this season. The Cubs have many players they are looking at to add at the deadline whether the team sale is completed or not. One of the players he spoke highly of and is at the top of their list of players they will try to get is Brad Hawpe of the Rockies. Hawpe not only is a natural right fielder, he is a left handed bat that can hit in the middle of the lineup. The Cubs will try all they can to get Hawpe according ot this Cubs source.

Here is a link to Brad Hawpes stats. Got to get him!


waldo7239117 said...

Do you tlk to a scout and ask him how fast are the Cubs movind on him. Can we see a trade or rumors in a couple days or a week.

I really like this and I hope the Cubs can pull off a trade for him.

Matt Weaver said...

In journalism school they teach us that unnamed sources are to be treated like the clown at the local fair.

If you can just name a random source, who's to stop me or anyone else.

Hell, the unnamed source could be the heads groundkeeper.

See my point? I hope I'm not coming off as a dick but this sort of thing drives me nuts.

I can't stand unnamed sources and furthermore I can't stand blogs like this getting traffic off of hearsay...

waldo7239117 said...

The cubs are working out Pedro Martinez.

Anonymous said...

Man, I don't know if Hawpe will be enough. I guess with Ram coming back(hopefully soon) they could get the rest of the guys going and take a little pressure off. But this is getting kind of ridiculous, these guys aren't even having good at bats anymore. Chasing bad pitches, and letting some good ones go by. Feel sorry for the pitchers, they would be a decent story this year if they were winning the games they deserved, especially Randy Wells. Hawpe may be just one more of the many Cub "rumors" that never come true. We will see.