Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cubs Talk- Pedro, Cubs Sale, and more.....

Sorry it took so long for an update. You have to bare with me while I am in a transition with moving. Here is the rumors for this week..

- The Cubs sale may effect what the Cubs do at the deadline.

- Jon Heyman says that the sale also could kill any deal for Pedro. Although other reports say that he Cubs are the most poised to sign Pedro especially if any of their pitching goes down.

-'s Bruce Levine quoted a source saying Sam Zell has reopened negotiations with a group out of New York led by Marc Utay, who is a former North Suburban Chicago resident, and Leo Hindery. This is posturing for Zell to get top dollar from Ricketts. I do not expect Marc Utay to own the Cubs after everything Ricketts has done to obtain them.

- There is a interesting rumor circling the web that I caught wind of. It is a three team deal that would net the Cubs Mark Teahen, the Royals would receive Jeff Francoeur, and the Braves would get Jose Guillen and PTBNL and cash from the Cubs. This would be a great trade for the Cubs but not for the Braves considering they would just be getting a more expensive mediocre hitter. Probably not a lot of stock in this rumor but I find it very interesting.

- Jim Hendry said they may be very busy at the deadline but is unsure of what the Cubs needs are since the middle of July is still weeks away. Jim says that their needs now might not be their needs in July. Jim did say if they need to add or make a move they will do so in July or if the right deal comes along but they will not make a move just to make a move.

That is it for now Cub fans!


Jordan C said...

Do you see the cubs making a move for a bat???

Anonymous said...

He is not sure what they're needs are!?!? They need a hitter! Are you kidding me? I don't care if ARAM tears it up when he gets back. We still need a hitter. Fukudome is terrible, Bradley you can never count on. Any time people think Bradley is showing signs of life, he is just getting lucky. His timing with his top and lower half is way out of whack. Any player that knows the game can see that. He needs to stop trying to hit the core out of the ball and take easy swings and hit line drives. The more he struggles the harder he swings and the more screwed up his swing is. Derek Lee is hitting right now because the Cubs are not in serious contention yet. If they do become closer to 1st or even break 1st base, he will dissapear. He is the one I would look to move at the deadline, the Cubs are not going to win a WS this year, lets get something big time for him, you know we can. Hitters Jim, you ignorant bastard, Hitters.

cubsfan82 said...

I appreciate all the comments today! Glad to see I still have a lot of dedicated readers. Thank you!

Jordan C I do see the Cubs making a move for a bat and perferably 2nd base where there is not a lot of production coming from there. I could also see the Cubs make some moves to put more players on their bench like a Felipe Lopez.

Anonymous I agree with what you are saying but Fukudome actually has not been that bad this year. Plus he has played great D and a really good baserunner. Fi the Cubs add someone it will be a right fielder if Bradley does not pick it up or 2nd baseman that can produce.

VolPowers said...

Good stuff as always, cubsfan 82-as always, thanks for the forum!

Anonymous, could you be more negative. Yes, the Cubs need hitters, but there's a very good chance several of them are already on the roster. As for your take on Fukudome, I will not give you terrible, but if you said inconsistent you would've been right. Bradley is simply beginning to hit to his career averages, but I guess that HISTORICAL DATA doesn't mean all that much to you. Finally, I guess you leave no one without a gig, but DLee has a ring, so I guess he won't lose any sleep over it.

Is this a championship team? Probably not based on what we've seen, but we've played like pure garbage for 65 games, and we're 2.5 out. My advice for you would be to back away from the ledge...