Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cubs Call Up Fox, Waddell to DL.

- The Cubs have called up Jake Fox and put Jason Waddell on the DL. Fox will provide the Cubs extra pop off the bench while playing DH in the some the interleague games coming up.

- The Cubs may be looking to trade the surplus of above average young starters in AA and AAA to get a power bat in the everyday lineup or a guy that can split time with Fonty at 2b. The Marlins have some players that could really interest the Cubs like Dan Uggla and Jorge Cantu. Another player on the block is Felipe López of the Dbacks. The Dbacks are poised for a fire sale at the deadline and Lopez will likely be a good trade chip for them. Lopez who will be a free agent after the season is hitting .304 with 4 homers 11 RBI and 4 SB while playing all over the infield. The versatile switch hitter would be the ideal player to come off the bench for Lou or spot start somewhere in the infield. I would like to see maybe a Esmailin Caridad or Mitch Atkins swapped for Lopez. Then the Cubs could put Miles on waivers, trade him, place him on the DL, or outright release him. Miles is just dead weight while Lopez will actually contribute.

That is it for now, GOOO CUBS!


Anonymous said...

Miles is awful!!!

ivorybanger15 said...

I'd love to see Miles go, but I'd be surprised if Hendry cans his $5M elegant slap hitter. As for trading for a middle IF, I think that's what we're missing. We do not need another OF as previously suggested here. Fox needs more playing time.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

ESPN is reporting Cuban is not intrested in the Cubs and trib is reporting that Zell is talking to Marc Utay about the Cubs. What is going on? I thought they were sold already. I guess Cubs are not trading for anyone by the dead line.