Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Reported on My Site First!

My faithful readers pointed this out to me today. MLBTR, Susan Slusser of the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Chicago Tribune are all saying what today what I posted yesterday at 5:30 pm CT. That is that the Cubs are interested in suddenly available Bobby Crosby.

I want to thank my readers for tipping me on the links and letting me know that my source is in fact correct ( even though I do not really doubt him considering he tipped me off on Soriano and Marquis signing). I really appreciate the kind words and how you feel I deserve the credit for breaking this rumor first.

Thank You!


Anonymous said...

#1: Who cares if you "reported" it first.
#2: It doesn't make sense because:
A: He's owed a lot of money this year
B: He's never a had a good OBP or Average
C: He's never played third base in his major league career
D: He's unhappy about not starting and wouldn't start for the Cubs

Anonymous said...

PROPS for bringing these new moves to our attention so soon. i read it here first. thanks, Jimbo