Tuesday, March 03, 2009

New Names on Cubs Radar.

The Chicago Cubs have three new names on their radar. The first one is Joe Beimel. The Cubs have gained some interest in free agent relievers since the market is making them very affordable. The Cubs may go for Biemel, but only if Marshall is inserted in the rotation according to some Cub sources. Biemel would be a nice late inning lefty reliever for the Cubs and now is said to only cost 1 year about 1 million dollars. The only downfall is that he is a type B free agent so the Cubs could try to swing a sign and trade deal for him.

Another name that suddenly appeared on the Cubs radar is Bobby Crosby according to sources. This is very surprising considering his low Avg. and OBP but for the right price I can see it. The Cubs are keeping their eye out on a lot of players that could be on the block and Crosby is just another one on the Cubs radar. The Cubs view Crosby as a super utility guy even though he has said he wants to be the starting SS somewhere. The other thing is curious is that he has only played SS in his career and somewhat injury prone. If the Cubs could get him for a PTBNL and have the A's pay almost all of the 5.5 million he is owed this season, I do it. Otherwise I do not understand it.

The Cubs are also keeping an eye on Ryan Raburn. Raburn could be the ideal guy for the Cubs considering he can play everywhere and basically has. He does not have tremendous speed but does have a good glove, young, and cheap. He could fit the bill for the utility guy on the Cubs 25 man roster.


Anonymous said...

getting silly with these names??

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blog on a daily basis, but please make the following correction: Since Joe Beimel is a Type B Free Agent, it won't cost the Cubs anything to sign him. The team that loses a Type B Free Agent only receives a supplemental draft pick.

Therefore, the Cubs would not need to work out a sign and trade deal.

Anonymous said...

Ive wanted Biemel all offseason. We need him especially if Marshall is going to be in the rotation. A 7-8-9 of Biemel - Gregg - Marmol would be as good as anyones in the game. If hendry is looking to make the team better this is a way to do it. Especially if Biemel is going to cost cheap.

Ill pass on Crosby unless they take Vizcaino and give us Crosby plus cash. Rayburn might be interesting. I didnt know he was a free agent.