Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cubs Have Payroll Room for Midseason Deal

Thanks to MLBTR-

Gordon Wittenmyer of the Chicago Sun-Times talked to Cubs chairman Crane Kenney, who anticipates payroll room to make moves around the July trading deadline. The team's revenue sources have remained strong for the most part.

It sounds like the Cubs' new ownership will be in place before the deadline. In another article, Wittenmyer quotes Kenney as saying the Tribune and the Ricketts family are "very close to the terms of their deal," which could be wrapped up in May.

The Cubs are smart to wait until then because teams will have to determine whether they are buyers and sellers and some teams may "need" to cut payroll for next season with the economy how it is. This also provides them with the room to add a player or two if a player like Soriano, Aram, or Harden goes down.

Here are a few names you may hear on the block around July- Roy Halladay, Matt Holliday, Jake Peavy, Brian Roberts, Carlos Lee, Mags Ordonez, Andrian Beltre, Jason Bay, Adam Dunn, Johnny Damon, H. Matsui, Vlad, Chone Figgins, Erik Bedard, Ryan Church, Carlos Beltran, etc.. Just to name a few.


waldo7239117 said...

of the players u said are most likely to get delt is Holliday going to be free agent after season, Carlos Lee money reasons but wont go to Cubs because in same division, Daman and Matsui because Yankees have to many outfielders, Roberts because to shed money and to get young people and they wont make the playoffs, and Bedard Mariners wont make the playoffs either.

My 2 trade proposals, 1 for Peavy and 1 for Roberts

Peavy Proposal
Cubs get Peavy
Padres get Guzman Hart Marshall and vitters

Roberts Proposal
Cubs get Roberts
Orioles get Fontenot Stevens Guzman Andres Blanco

What do u think

Cubbies412 said...

I don't think Brian Roberts is going anywhere with his new contract..

Nick I Cub Fan said...

In my opinion they will have a few more million to add to the team revenue. Over the next 2 weeks Gaudin,Guzman and/or Vizcaino will be traded. Gregg,Marmol,Heilman,Cotts are locks. Waddell,Patton,Fox,Wells have pitched great.Hart and Ascaino
both had 1 bad inning.
And if Samardija gets back on track. 14 pitchers 7 spots.

Anonymous said...

let's get off of the Peavy rumours already..he'll go to the Yankees or Boston at the end of the season after the Padres peter out and start unloading. the cubs may have some presence at that point in pre-playoff trades but i doubt it. same mediocre approach and a coach who SOURS in the September stretch.

Tanner said...

I dont think Roberts will go anywhere, but I love the idea. I think the Cubs need to look into trading Lee at some point, even if it is the off season. I think they should go after Roy Holliday.