Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chicago Cubs Infield Projections.

Here is my 2009 Chicago Cubs Infield Projections-

Geovany Soto- There is no Sophmore slump here. Geo will come back with a good solid year both behind the plate and at the dish. I pick Geo to have a very similar year to last season.

Projection- .279 Avg./.359 OBP/27 Homeruns/99 RBI/2 SB

Derrek Lee- Lee will not have a big year like he did in 05 but I expect Lee to put up some better numbers considering Hoffpauir will take his job if Lee does not hit. I do think Lee will play under 150 games this season because of Lou's vow to keep his Cubs healthy. Lee will also be slotted in a lower spot in the batting order this season whether it is to start the season or during the middle of the season. This will alter his numbers some as well.

Projection- .303 Avg./ .372 OBP/ 22 Homeruns/81 RBI/5 SB

Mike Fontenot- He will start the season at 2b and stay there the entire season. He will prove to be one of the best hitting 2nd baseman in the NL and in baseball. I know this is a pretty bold statement but Fonty may be looking like the 2nd coming of Lou Whitaker.

Projection- .295 Avg./ .380 OBP/ 25 Homeruns/87 RBI/12 SB

Ryan Theriot- He will put up his normal numbers and play average at SS.

Projection- .304 Avg./ .374 OBP/ 2 Homeruns/ 34 RBI/ 24 SB

Aramis Ramirez- You are looking at your next NL MVP. The Cubs might finally put him in the 3 spot and gave him more protection in Bradley. He will have a big big MVP year. I also expect him to win a gold glove this season at 3rd.

Projection- .309 Avg./ .385 OBP/ 42 Homeruns/ 132 RBI/ 1 SB

Aaron Miles- He will mainly see time in an utility role. Not a lot of ABs unless someone goes down with an injury.

Projection- .280 Avg./ .340 OBP/ 1 Homerun / 17 RBI/ 2 SB

Micah Hoffpauir- He will really do a good job off the bench filling in for Derrek Lee. He will also get a lot of spot starts, pinch hit opportunities, and play the outfield some which will allow him to get some more ABs and put up some really good numbers.

Projection- .270 Avg./ .370 OBP/ 14 Homeruns/ 40 RBI/ 3 SB

Corey Koskie- I think he will make the team out of Spring but be sent down and up all year long. He will not get that many ABs but will prove he is healthy and a good asset to this team.

Projection- .254 Avg./ .321 OBP/ 3 Homeruns/ 24 RBI/ 6 SB

The Cubs will have a lot of power around the infield and prove the power has not disappeared from Wrigley. The Cubs next season will see 136 Homeruns, 514 RBI, and 55 SB from the infield. They will also see a .286 Avg for the infield overall and a .362 OBP. The Cubs infield will rank one of the best in baseball and I certainly expect them to be the heart and soud of this team, lead by future MVP Aramis Ramirez!


AW said...

Wow, 25 and 42 dingers for Fonty and Ramy respectively? Those are bold predictions. I hope your right!

jrod said...

WOW 25 from Fonty?!?!? like AW said I hope your right. I could see 12 to 15 if he is everyday 2b.
Aram has 40 plus in him if he is healthy so I must say I agree.3

Anonymous said...

42 HRs for Aramis and 25 for Fontenot. You may want to put down the hashpipe kiddo...