Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cubs will have to start making offseason decisions already.

UPDATE- The Cubs have exercised Rich Harden's $7 MM dollar option for next season. They good news is Harden does not need any sort of surgery this offseason!

- The Cubs will have to make a not so tough decision for next season and that is exercising Rich Harden's 7 MM dollar option. The Cubs have until midnight tonight to decide whether or not to pick it up or decline. They are expected to pick it up unless he needs something like Tommy John surgery, which is not the case.

- The Cubs also have to decide on Henry Blanco 3MM dollar option but he there is no deadline for that right now. I think they should pick it up rather than work out another deal. He is a great backup catcher and very valuable to this team!

- The Cubs are expected to resign Wood and Dempster before they reach free agency.

- The Cubs have organizational meetings in 11 days, they will make decisions on payroll and players they will target.

-Ronny Cedeno likely will be on the trade block again after yelling at trainer Mark O'Neal during a nasty exchange before a game in Milwaukee on the final weekend of the regular season. I am tired of Cedeno and hope he is finally traded to the O's in a package for Brian Roberts!


Cubbie8849 said...

Any chance the yankees and cubs switch managers?

supersonicivy said...

Never heard about this Cedeno and O'neal argument or the game Zambrano left early...funny how things get swept under the carpet during the season.

Joe said...

I love Girardi... but now is not the time. I'll take the other Joe though... Torre.

supersonic... gotta love how things go unnoticed, untold, and forgiven when a team is winning.

Even if Cedeno is an angel... if he can reel in Roberts... done and done.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

MLBTR says S.F. wants Lee. I would trade Lee ( he has a to trade clause ) and our backup catcher Hill for Cain and Sandoval. Cain is only going to get better he's 24.Sandoval is a switch hitter who can play C,3B and 1B too. Then let Blanco go, the difference between Lee,Hill and Blanco's salaries and Cain and Sandoval salaries is about 16 million. Take that money and sign F.A. Furcal. Now we have a SS with great range, a switch hitter, and a leadoff man. Then Theriot and Fontenot platoon at 2B, Derosa and Fukudome (he'll do better next year) platoon in RF, Johnson and Pie platoon in CF, Hoffpauir plays 1B. Now if we could trade Marquis, then we could also sign FA Hudson another switch hitter. And two of the better infielders in baseball. Maybe it's just wishfull thinking but with the economy as bad as it is I don't see Cubs payroll going up to much we will have to make trades to get better. Why don't everyone post a trade they would like to see i'd be intrested how Cub fans think. (Soriano's salary prevents him from being traded.) DARN