Monday, October 06, 2008

Cubs rumors already starting!

The Cubs have not even been out of the playoffs for a week and now the rumors are flying around. So lets take a look.

- The Cubs have left the door open for Jim Edmonds to come back in a platoon role with Reed Johnson next year. The Cubs have said they will pay Edmonds a reasonable salary but will not break the bank for him. Edmonds could get a nice deal for a team looking for a 20 homerun guy with good defense and leadership. There is also the chance he retires but that is unlikely.

- According to the Suntimes, Brian Roberts will again be at the top of the Cubs wish list for next season. Which will make Derosa expendable which would the Cubs good quality players for him considering his career year this year and bad 2nd base market in this FA class. I by all means do not think he should be traded but I can see the Cubs doing so and understand why they would. The Suntimes also said the Cubs will be players in the Sabathia derby. I do not agree with this because the sale of the Cubs will not be competed before he is on another team and I see the Cubs using that money for Demp and Wood rather than Sabathia.

- There is talk that the White Sox may consider trading Dye for starting pitching and a young athletic guy for CF. This may interest the Cubs for many reasons. The Cubs have a young CF named Felix Pie that is available via trade and have a surplus of pitching that may interest the Sox. A guy like Jason Marquis, Kevin Hart, Angel Guzman, Rich Hill, Sean Marshall, or Randy Wells might intrigue them enough to trade the power hitting Dye to the Northside. It is still early for that talk but it is something to keep an eye on.

- Does anyone else think that the Cubs should throw some players at the Twins to try to get that Denard Span guy. To have a platoon in CF with Denard Span and Reed Johnson would be great! Plus Denard would be the ideal leadoff guy and left handed bat. He is young, cheap money wise, and just plays the game right. My kind of guy!


Joe said...

The Cubs will not win in the playoffs with Soriano leading off. He is a mistake hitter and playoff pitchers dont make that many mistakes... especially not to him knowing he'll chase breaking balls low and away.

I was hoping B Rob was an FA, but after the all talk, no walk from the O's last offseason... I dont see what changes this offseason to get him. Unless we can get some names they like from trading away DeRo. And then you have to worry about moving Soriano down. If we keep DeRo I wouldnt mind a platoon in RF with Fuku.

I love The Riot... but you would be foolish not to bite a honest upgrades like Furcal (FA) if healthy and O Cab. Could you imagine a 1-2 punch of Furcal and Roberts or vice versa???

I been hating on D Lee alot the second half... but he at least hit and showed some fire in Game 3. As mentioned before my only beef is that Lou should move him down in the order. His numbers would make him a better than avg 6 or 7 spot guy. Or if we dont splash cash elsewhere, maybe we deal D Lee and sign Texiera? A Gold Glove calibur 1B with a better bat.

Looks like we're stuck with Sori cause aint nobody goin to take on that salary. I do have a Tigers fan co worker who loves Sori... so I told him they can have him for Maggs and someone else or two.

I wouldnt mind seeing the Edmonds/Johnson combo in CF again. We can always upgrade if necessary mid season. I do not want to see Willy T due to lack of avg.

I think the two things the Cubs lack most is an intimidating SP and an intimidating hitter. Everyone praised the not one MVP but a team of good guys approach during the reg season, but we saw what having a guy like Manny can do for you in a short series and no one in our current line up strikes that fear in opposing pitchers.

I'm a little gun shy on CC cause the Brew rode him hard and then some. That arm is bond to fall off before his multi year monster mil contract ends. I would gamble on Sheets or Burnett due to our depth or go after Peavy.

I dont know about the pen arms you mentioned because Farny didnt impress his first go around and names like Ayala and Lyons imploded one half or the other last season.

Names I definitely dont want to see back are Howry and Ward. I would add Sori to that list... but we know that is a long shot.

And of course all this wishful thinking depends on the future owner, whether they retain Jim and Lou, and whether they will be big spenders.

My biggest fear is the team being dismantled after the buy because lets face it... whoever it is will be putting down alot of cash and how much more could they have left to spend on the players?

Gumshoe Lou's said...

Hendry's To Do List:

1. Soriano moved down in lineup or traded (preferably- Get Manny).

2. Serious lefty hitting and speedy (good OBP) center fielder.

3. Lefty hitting / good defense and arm /good power RBI bat right fielder.

4. Switch hitting (great OBP) / good defense and speedy second baseman.

5. Get power lefty staring pitcher who eats innings (Get C.C.)

6. Lefty relief specialist.

7. Teach D Lee how to avoid hitting into DP's or get a true power hitting 1st baseman.

8. Help Aramis grow some post season "cohones" or trade him.

9. Sign Demp.

10. Sign Wood.

11. 2 clutch bench hitters with versatility.

12. Have Z go under the knife now to fix his arm or shoulder.

13. Get another power righty arm starter who doesn't walk people and holds runners on.

Nick I Cub Fan said...

The main weakness i see in the CUBS is no good left handed bats. Hoffpauir is not an outfielder, he's a first baseman. I know you'll all think i'm crazy but i would trade LEE and ZAMBRANO (I know we can't they have no trade clauses) but maybe they would be willing to go to a contender. Then with the money they save they could go after CC. Hoffpauir plays 1st. then see what left handed Centerfielder. ( free agent) is willing to play for the cubs. I like LEE but we have a kid who could play first. And ZAMBRANO is a head case, who has gotten worse the last 2 years.( i know about the no hitter) LEE's power numbers are also down the last 2 years. CRAZY.

"You're no Crane Kenney" said...

What the playoffs showed is that the Cubs lack a hard-nosed, nasty presence on their club. Forget a swagger. They need a sneer. Name one intimidating presence in their lineup. You can't.

[quoted from the Chicago Tribune]

.....I couldn't agree more- about the best summation of the queasy end to the playoffs and the character of these players.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Nick I. No one on this team should be untouchable. Power lefty bat at 1st base is a good idea. Zambrano has had his chances and is showing some wear.

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Anonymous said...

Can you give us/me an update on the sale of the cubs. even if its a sentence..