Monday, September 15, 2008

Z a no-no! My thoughts!

Carlos Zambrano was the first Cubs pitcher since 1972( Milt Pappas) to throw a no hitter. Not only that the Cubs' ace was one BB away from a perfect game and he was the first pitcher since 1900 to pitch a no hitter on neutral site.

I want to say that is was a great game, not just because Z gave up 0 hits, but for these reason-

- Carlos finally proves that he is healthy and is back to himself. He is the NL player of the week!

- He has his strike out and velocity up along with command of his fastball and slider. Things he was missing this season.

- Soto, a rookie, called a great game and deserves as much credit as Z does for the no hitter. Not only was he rookie of the month for the 2nd time this year, last month, he caught a no-no. He is your ROY! Here is a good read-

- The Cubs now have momentum and a commanding lead in the NL Central with the Magic # to win the Division down to 7!

All in all it was a great night for Cub fans. Keep it GOING!!!


Anonymous said...

Imagine a no-no is going on during yet another Cubs game not on tv. when will the Cubs get the respect?
I used to be able to watch all the games on wgn and cable. now its afhv reruns and poker and this could be the best team of my life-time. nice of espn to go to the game in the last half inning but i WANT MY CUBBIES!!! Jimbo

Nick I Cub Fan said...

On MLBTR under Cub Rumors (odds and ends Laroche,Bradley,Burnett) it says Maury Brown (who's he) said the new Cub owner is Ricketts.

Joe said...

I was lucky enough to be there for the no hitter. Always a wish of mine to see one in person... but it was a weird feeling. Up until recently there were those starts where I would think no hitter... only to see it disappear mid game. That night was the opposite. Maybe cause he was coming off injury... but didnt have high expectations until the 7th. I also didnt realize till I got home for all the post game highlights that he had only let two balls out of the IF. I'm just glad it greatly reduced the chance of Soriano ruining it for him.

Magic number down to 4 fellas. I'll see you guys in Wrigleyville Thurs evening.

Anonymous said...

I want T. Boone Pickens to buy the Cubs. This man has the money and the answers.