Monday, July 14, 2008

Cubs check in on Greene?? Hendry working the phones again?

According to Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union Tribune, the Cubs have recently inquired on Khalil Greene. They have expressed interest in Greene earlier this year and the Padres wanted Pie but he was "untouchable" at the time. Greene is in the first year of a 2 year 11 million dollar deal. Greene is batting an awful .216 avg. with an .264 OBP, he does have 8 homers though.

I do not understand why the Cubs have interest in the shortstop unless they are planning on trading Cedeno or Mike Fontenot the Cubs will not trade Theriot or Derosa because how valuable they both are to the team right now. I could see the Cubs trading Cedeno along with some minor leaguers to the Blue Jays for Burnett and then trading for Greene. They could also try to work a three way trade with both the Jays and Padres. Other than that I do not see Greene as an upgrade at all.


It seems Hendry is really working the phone again, this time his target is some relievers. The Cubs have kept tabs on Brian Fuentes, Ron Mahay, Damaso Marte, Jon Rauch, and Jack Taschner. I really like Marte, Fuentes, and Mahay out of the group but Fuentes want to go somewhere he can close, Marte is in the same division, and Mahay will cost a lot considering the Royals do not want to trade him.


The Cubs are one of many teams that have been monitoring Freddy Garcia. I have also heard grumbling that the Cubs have contacted the Mariners about the availability of Erik Bedard. This is from Geoff Baker, the Mariners beat writer-

Both Bedard and the Mariners favor a trade. However, Baker believes Bedard will have to take the mound at least one more time and maybe twice before the deadline to satisfy a suitor. Bedard is said to be 50/50 to make his July 22nd start.

What a nasty rotation that would be for the 2nd half!

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rooftopcameltoads said...

Khalil Greene? Please tell me you are joking!

thatcubsfan said...

No to greene unless he was to be a bench/backup shortstop on the cubs. I would be exstatic to get any of those relievers mentioned, but at what cost? That would be an awesome rotation but you would have to flip lilly and bedard around b/c bedard is too much of a question mark. Cubs would be the team to beat in all of baseball with that rotation along with their already stacked lineup that includes Soriano coming back from the DL and being able to run now as well (legs finally at 100%). But I don't see them landing Bedard or Burnett and what would it cost now to acquire one of them?