Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A couple of quick hits

- Soriano will be reevaluated on Thursday and could take batting practice in St. Louis on Saturday. When Soriano returns he will be placed in the leadoff spot with Fukudome hitting 2nd and Edmonds hitting 5th.

- Marshall will get a start against the Cards either Saturday or Sunday. Z is expected to pitch Friday in his return from the DL.


Nick I Cub Fan said...

Marshall instead of Marquis, are we show casing Marshall? Or are we sooooo lucky that we don't want Marquis to get hurt cause he's part of a trade package.

Anonymous said...

Ok, if the Brewers get C.C which i think they will. The cubs season in my opinion is over. Is there any chance at all the cubs have what it takes to get C.C. Also do you think Jim Hendry is on the phone RIGHT now trying to get C.C. Or do you think he is waiting. or maybe waiting to late? Actually im going to make a prediction the brewers will aquire C.C in a week or less and the cubs will be in third place by then.