Thursday, February 14, 2008

Pad still want Murton. Marquis good as gone??

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Will they turn the corner? GM Kevin Towers said he will continue to explore trade options for a corner outfielder. The Padres have asked about three right-handed hitters: Pittsburgh's Xavier Nady and Jason Bay and the Chicago Cubs' Matt Murton. Triple-A catcher Nick Hundley could be a trade chip.

I don't see how Hundley fits with the Cubs. They should go after a better player for Murton. I really do not see the Pads and Cubs meshing well in a trade unless they want to send 2 decent prospects. Murton should just start in AAA if you can get a ML ready player in return.
Bruce Levine also had something to say tonight regarding Marquis. Without saying it, he thinks he is as good as gone. He also stated that the Angels and Red Sox among others are interested in Marquis. He mentioned a Marquis for Crisp as a thought and I would not be opposed to that trade. Crisp would be a nice addition to the outfield platoon with Pie or Fuld and a player that can fit in for Sori and Fuk. The Angels are also a interesting thought. The Cubs have had interest in Figgins but the Angels will want more than Marquis. A third team would have to get involved for a deal to work with Figgins involved.

Here are some trade scenarios with the Angels I have came up with-

Angels get Marquis
Cubs get Gary Matthews Jr.

Despite him being linked to HGH, Matthews is still a good defensive CF with a decent bat. He can steal bases and provide a solid starting CFer or platoon partner for Pie. He hit .252 with 18 homers, 72 RBI, and 18 SB last year in 140 games. Matthews spot on the team is up in the air with Vlad, Anderson, Hunter, and Willits filling out the outfield. He could still DH or play RF and have Vlad DH but it seems they want to get rid of him. He is owed 42 million over the next 4 season. He does have a full no trade clause but the can of course waive that. Marquis is owed 16 million over the next 2 seasons. If the Angles pay half of his contract I could see this deal getting done.

Angels get Marquis and a prospect
Cubs get Reggie Willits

Cubs would get a young speedy outfielder who can play multiple positions as well as handle the bat. He stole 27 bases last year in 136 games. He hit .293 with 34 rbi. He could be a nice 4th outfielder. Plus he is a switch hitter.

Here is my favorite-

Angels get Marquis and Brandon Inge

Tigers get 3 prospects from Cubs to restock there system( because of the young talent they traded to the Marlins)

Cubs get Chone Figgins

The Angels would get a good offensive 3rd baseman and add more power to there already strong lineup. They would also get a veteran inning eater that could fill in for Kelvim Escobar. The Tigers would get some decent prospects not named Gallagher or Pie. And the Cubs would get that speedy leadoff of two hole hitter they have been searching for. Not to mention he can play every position except Catcher, Pitcher, and first base.

Either way the Cubs should get something good for Marquis.


Joe said...

I would rather pass on Sarge Jr. Not enough avg and SBs for my taste.

Willits is interesting, but if we are going to go the young route, might as well just stand pat and let Pie roam CF full time. I know Willits is a switchy and can play all three spots, but I dont think we are lookin to add a kid his age. He would basically be stuck in the same position as he would with the Angels. Then again... he could take over Pagan's role... and he is better than Pagan.

This last idea is actually very creative. But I worry Marquis and Inge will not be enough to pry away Figgins. We would probably have to toss the Angels a prospect, maybe two, as well as what you mention that we send to the Tigers. If anything the Tigers shouldnt get as much because Inge is an ok player and its already become a bit of an ackward situation with the arrival of Cabrera. They are trying to avoid a trade demand scenario... but I think we can use that to our advantage if this idea were to be entertained.

Anonymous said...

I think Wilits would be a good idea. He is fast and could play any position in the outfield. I think he be perfect in the 2 hole, moving Theriot to 8th. That means Pie can be packaged with other prospects to get a bonafide Starting pitcher at some point in the season. Wilits Will be cheaper then roberts and could probably put up similar numbers. Plus we get to keep our younger pitchers, giving us the much needed depth.

Anonymous said...

Plus Cedeno, EPatt, and Fuku can all back up CF. Leaving Fuld in AAA as insurance. And Pie as trade bait for a Starting Pitcher.

I think our bench will look like this:

And our Line UP:

3.)Player coming from possible Pie and Dempster package (maybe a Brian Bannister)

Wood (closer)
and 2 of Marshall, Gallagher, Hart, Lahey, Ascanio

Harry Pavlidis said...

Sarge Jr. is awful, and his salary is out of the range of sanity. The Angels were really lost when they signed him.
Willits, on the other hand, would be Fuld, so we already have him.
Figgins is the most interesting, to me.