Sunday, February 10, 2008

Figgins back on Radar?? Marquis likely to be traded?

Thanks to MLB RUMORS-

Chone Figgins, Angels: This news came to me as I was working on this. One source I talk to frecuently believes that if the Cubs fail to acquire Roberts, they may look to acquire Chone Figgins of the Angels. He went on to say that the Cubs are determined to get a speedy lead off hitter and would like to get one before the start of Spring Training, so this week.

When will it gown down?: Spring Training, if necessary.

I think the Cubs will be better off getting Figgins than Roberts. It allows Derosa to say at 2nd because Chone will play CF for the Cubbies. He will cost more than Roberts as far as quality of players and I am hearing the Angels have backed off there demands for Aram for Figgins so I can see a deal going down. This should be the Cubs first option rather than Roberts.

Jason Marquis, Cubs: He will only be traded before season if it is to the Orioles. Otherwise, I expect a trade around the deadline, if not sooner. The Cubs do not have much confidence in Marquis despite 11 wins last season, and it will probably hurt them to start the season.

I still do not see why the Cubs are trying to unload Marquis so bad. He was very good in the first half of the season and won 11 games. Unless the Cubs get decent prospects or a player like Figgins or Roberts for him and a package of players I say wait until the deadline.


Anonymous said...

Marquis by himself is not enough to get a player the caliber of Roberts or Figgins, but I do agree that I would rather have Figgins, because of his versatility than Roberts. Although I doubt that the Angels will give up Figgins without receiving a huge bounty in return.

Joe said...

I wouldnt mind including Pie in a deal for Figgins... cause Figgins would take pretty much all the playing time in CF anyway... unless Figgins only has one or two years left on his deal. Then we need to get a window to see if we can sign an extension.

Anonymous said...

DUDE GIVE UP!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you're right about Figgins, but since the Angels would still need a third baseman, that would mean trading Derosa. Then Patterson would play 2nd or we would still get Roberts. Then you bat Figgins and Roberts 1st and 2nd in the batting order. Just wishful thinking. Cant wait till the season starts. Nick I

Anonymous said...

After reading the baltimoresun, story by Zrebiec ( i didnt make it up its his real name ). He said Macphail is looking for veteran pitching to eat up innings. And that he wants to dump Payton, Gibbons, and Huff. So after reading that i think we are going to have to take Payton to get Roberts. Marquis and Payton salaries are close. Any other thoughts. Nick I

thatcubsfan said...

I agree with you that Figgins should be a better target to go after rather than Roberts, but I think a Roberts deal will be more likely. I do like the idea of DeRosa staying at second but at the same time that means Pie and Colvin(probably not in the bigs this year) will be blocked by Figgins.