Friday, February 29, 2008

More on Roberts, deal could get done???

Jeff Zrebiec and Roch Kubatko of the Baltimore Sun write that the Cubs sent some of their scouts to watch Brian Roberts yesterday. Lets face it, they had to be impressed. Roberts went 1 for 2 with an RBI double, walk, scored a run, and stole 2 bases. There is no doubt that he would help the Cubs. Jeff and Roch go on to say that Mark Derosa's heart surgery does play in on a potential deal for Brian Roberts. They feel Ronny Cedeno, Sean Gallagher and two other prospects are what the O's are seeking. Naming Jose Ceda( who is deemed untouchable) and Donald Veal as one of the two prospects they want. The O's will not send scouts til next week to take a peak at the Cubs young players so we are still a little ways away from a deal. But it seems like more and more it is likely to happen.

On other Cubs notes-

-Ron Santo said yesterday during the game that he feels the Cubs will make another "Big Move" before opening day. He then went on to talk about Brian Roberts. It may be just coincidence but I thought I would mention it.

- The Mets are looking for a right handed left fielder and Matt Murton is one of the possibilities although they would like to have the same person fill in at 1st which Murton has no experience. It seem like Murton still might be traded if the right deal comes along.

- The Cubs have little interest in CoCo Crisp because of the money he is owed and the amount of years left on his contract. They like for Fuld or Pie to start in CF on opening day.

- Soriano's legs are looking good according to Lou. As of right now Soriano is set to lead off.

- Zambrano will start today against the Giants and will likely pitch two innings.

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Kamel said...

Steve Stone brought up the idea of a Marquis for Crisp trade on Thurs on the radio. He said the money would be a wash, Boston is looking for a SP with Schill on the mend, Wake getting older, and Bucholz still being young, and of course Crisp having to compete for the CF job in Bos. Stone said he loves Crisp's gap to gap defense, which will help with Soriano's fear of walls and Fuku adjusting to a difficult Wrigley RF, not to mention a good bat in the line up with some speed. Stone went on to say that as a result the Cubs would be more secure in CF, get the speed they are looking for, and not have to trade part of the farm like the Cubs would have to do for Roberts, considering we do have DeRosa.

Stone again also pushed for a George Sherill deal over a Roberts deal from Balt.

Theriot went 3-3 leading off yesterday and 0-3 in the two hole today. I would like to see him and Sori switch spots in the order. Theriot did well in lead off last season too.

Murph on The Score today brought up the idea of batting Soto 8th and Pie 7th. His reasoning was Pie is more of a free swinger than Soto and having Pie bat in front of Soto instead of the P would give him at least some pitches to look at. Soto is a more patient hitter with a good read of the zone, so he could handle the junk balls being thrown by the opposition to 8th hitters in front of the P spot in the order.