Saturday, October 13, 2007

Hot Rumors Starting Already for the Cubbies

It seems the rumor mill is heating up once again and here is some rumors and notes for you all-

- It seem that Lou doesn't want Arod, at least for the money Boras wants. Lou likes the team chemisty and doesn't want to add tension in the club house with a guy who will be making 300million over the next 10 seasons.

- The Yanks seem to be shopping Damon around and the Cubs are really interested. The Yanks want to get rid of Damon and a portion of his contract to make room for Melkey to take the full time reigns in CF. Damon is owed 13 million a year over the 08 and 09. Damon does have a partial no trade clause but was intrested to come to the cubs at the end of the 05 season so that shouldn't be a problem. The Yanks need pitching and have thrown around names like Santana and Willis but may not want to give up some of there young talent. The Cubs could part with Marshall or Marquis along with Epatt to get this deal done. The Yanks need a solid inning eating starter so Marquis along with Epatt or a midlevel prospect could get Damon. The Yanks are expected to swallow about 5+ million of the remaining 26 million left on his contract which would be a push money wise. The Cubs could also shop Dempster as a starter or reliever to the Yanks which wouldn't be a bad trade either. The word is the Cubs don't think Pie is ready for ML pitchers and could let him hit .330 in AAA again or trade him while his value is still decent.

-The Cubs are considering picking up Trachsel's 4.75 million dollar option next year. Either to fill the 5th spot in the rotation or as a trading chip this offseason. Either way its not the worst idea in the world.

- The Cubs have also discussed internally about Santana. He would come as a hefty price. He would more than likely cost Epatt, Hill, and Pie. Which is very fair in my opinion then the cubs can fill the gap in CF with a big FA like Jones, Hunter, or Rowand. Or the can fill the gap with Jones who did a good job in CF and find a RF via trade or FA. IF money is an object, why not sign Lofton. I love that guy!!!!!


Kamel said...

Thanks for the response.

I dont know bout Johnny Damon. Didnt he struggle so far during his time with the Yanks? And wasnt he displaced in CF by Melky? I feel like he doesnt have the wheels to cover CF anymore.

Anonymous said...

If the Yankees are going to be looking for pitching it is certain that Marquis isn't on that list. They aren't going to take on a bad innings eating pitcher just to free themselves of Damon's contract.

Picking up Trachsel’s option is just a bad idea. No one is going to want to trade for him and we have several younger better options ready to try and earn a spot on the roster.