Sunday, October 07, 2007

Cubs notes, rumors, ideas and my thoughts.

First off I want to say that I was wrong about the cubs yesterday. I thought maybe Rich Hill and the cubs could turn it around yesterday but that didn't happen. I do want to congratulated the cubs on a good season tho! The cubs exceeded all expectations by going worst to first in the NL, making the playoffs were remarkable to say the least. This team at times last year looked dead in the water, yet the cubs were resilient in there efforts and propelled them to there first playoff birth since 2003. This team is very special, with all the additions last year and multiyear contracts that were signed this club every year will be in the race. Just imagine your big dogs such as Lee, Sori, Z, and Aram will be together thru at least 2010. There is no reason to think this team will get better and compete for the Central every year. So keep your head up fans and cubbies you have nothing to be ashamed of!


Rumors seem to be starting already for the cubs so lets have a look at them-

-The cubs are expected to non-tender Craig Monroe during the offseason. This is not a surprising move considering the depth in the OF we have and considering he was left off the playoff roster. In my honest opinion, I think you offer him arbitration because he would be a good powerful right handed bat off the bench for the cubs next year and he would be a good cheap option. But thats just my 2 cents worth.

- The cubs maybe in the position to bring in another catcher for next year in case Blanco's injury woes continue. With Soto's good power and decent job behind the plate he is expected to have the starting job for next year but it wont be handed to him. Expect the Cubs not to sign and Lo Duca or Pudge but maybe a move affordable defensive backstop. Expect Torrealba's name to come up alot in the offseason. He is decent both at the plate and behind it, he is young, and would be a good addition to this team. Here is a link to his numbers-

- Jones name has already come up on trade rumors. This poor guy, I don't know how he deals with it. With Pie expected to have the starting CF job next year you might see a platoon in RF with Jones and Murton. But it seem the Cubs still might trade Jones but who knows.

- The cubs will try to hold onto Wood next year but it looks like they will have competition considering he thru 96 mph last night and could be getting big bucks on the open market. Still look for the cubs to hold onto Wood.

- Floyd is looking to retire, even if he doesn't don't expect the cubs to resign him.

- Trachsel and Kendall are expected to be non-tendered by the cubs but look for Prior to be back with the team next year at about a 4 mil arbitration settlement.

-The cubs are expected to exercise Ward's club option. Its only 1.2 million which is not bad for the best lefthanded pinch hitter in MLB. Scott Eyre has a player option but is unlikely he exercises it and expect Ohman to be traded in the off season

-Ryan Dempster is signed through 2008, but has said he would like to come back as a starter. The Cubs already have Carlos Zambrano, Ted Lilly, Jason Marquis and Rich Hill penciled into the rotation for '08, and rookie Kevin Hart is expected to get a shot in spring training. Carlos Marmol is supposed to be the closer of the future, but Dempster stands in the way unless he joins the rotation or is traded. Don't expect Dumpster to be with the team next year.



The Cubs are expected to make some moves next season but with the majority of the team coming back alot of move aren't necessary. The cubs will need an upgrade in RF and possibly SS if they feel Theriot and Cedeno cant handle the everyday responsibilities. Names that are already rumored are Renteria, Tejeda, Eckstien(pointless), and of course Arod. If the cubs do trade for Renteria or Tejeda it will cost Marshall, Patterson, or even one of our other young starters like Veal, Gallahger or Hart. As for RF there are alot of option the cubs can do.. They can stick with a combination of Jones, Murton and Pie in CF and RF or they can move Pie to RF and trade or sign a big named CF or leave Pie in CF and get a RFer. I expect the cubs to go after another big name next year. They will be players in Arod if he does opt out and if not him watch for them to make a play of Tejeda or a decent RF like Fukadome.

Don't expect the Cubs to sign any more starters. With there young talent they can fill out there 5th starter in house. They may some reliever but again they may address the needs in house or thru trades.

Either way this will be another fun off season for the Cubs!

If you want to see my offseason to do list its under the date Saturday Septemeber 8th under Chicago Cubs needs next year and payroll.


Kamel said...

I agree with tendering Monroe. I dont remember if tendering and arbitration are the same thing... but more so than having Monroe come off the bench as a power RH bat... I'm hoping for draft pick compensation.

I also agree with the C situation... but its gonna be tricky because we want Soto to start and it wouldnt be a good idea to carry three Cs in fear of a Blanco injury. We most likely wont see Kendall back. I believe Koyie Hill made it through waivers during Sept and we might still have him in the minors, so I dont see us going out and finding another during the off season at least.

I'm also glad your not a Jones basher. Although his power numbers are down from last year, he still is a better player than he gets credit for from the Wrigley boo birds. I know we want to give Pie a shot to take the starting CF job, but based off of his at bats we seen so far, I dont think he's ready. So leave JJ in CF or if we go out and get one of the CFs on the market, platoon him with Murt in RF.

Floyd is a great guy and did show some pop in Sept, but he is old, so I agree with you in that he probably wont be back.

I think Marquis is trade able, to a team like the Reds. But we would need to find another SP somewhere else too. He and Lilly definitely out performed what most people expected, but after watching our SP struggle in the post season I would like to see another power arm in the rotation. If the Santana beef with Minnesota is for real, maybe send Marquis along with Marshall and some other prospects? Cedeno would become expendable if we sign A Rod, so we can send him too.

Agree with Ward.

How bout signing Rivera? I feel Demp was also under appreciated, but again, the non power arm factor makes me a little nervous.

cubsfan82 said...

I agree with 99% with what you have said. I would love to get Yorkvik as a back up tho just in case. I think Jones save alot of games with his glove this year so to have him platoon with Murton in RF wouldnt be the worst idea. I still think we need a power bat in the outfield, especially if we dont get Arod. Fukadome is on my wish list.

I do think Cedeno will be tradable and Marquis if the right deal comes around.

As far as Santana, i think Minnasota will ask for Hill and Pie since Hunter looks like he is on his way out. Pretty fair trade.

I like Rivera but he will cost a pretty penny. Dempster will be traded this offseason I think.

Thanks for your detailed comment, I will keep this updated daily during the offseason.